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Rajat Sharma Net Worth 2022 – Salary, Wife, and Income

Rajat Sharma Net Worth 2022 – Salary, Wife, and Income

Rajat Sharma Net Worth

Rajat Sharma Net Worth is $18 Million (Rs.140 Crore). Rajat Sharma is a Chairperson, Chief Editor, and Journalist of India TV and works as an Editor & Chairman of the India TV News Channel. Rajat Sharma Salary is Rs 32+ Lakhs in Rupees. He hosts two famous shows like Aaj Ki Baat & Aap ki Adalat on India TV, mostly on Weekdays.

Rajat Sharma Net Worth

Rajat is famous for his “Aap Ki Adalat” show because of his Compulsive Questioning of the Rich Celebrities, Property, Awards and Cars, and More. He is one and only of the Richest News Anchors Salary in India. They say that “He is the Finest NewsMan in the Industry: Mr. Rajat Sharma.”

One of the Best Media Newsmen Rajat Sharma Net Worth


One of the best Media Newsmen in India has a Net Worth of $ 18 Million as of 2022. Which are Rs140 Crores in Indian Rupees. Rajat Sharma Monthly Salary is Rs32 Lakhs.

Rajat Sharma (also known as Rajat Kumar Sharma) was born in Delhi on Feb 18, 1957. Since then, His Age has been 64 Years Old. Rajat’s Wife is Ritu Dhawan. We will update you whenever we get any lead on Sharmaji children.

Mr. Rajat Sharma’s

Houses: Rajat & Ritu Dhawan Sharma owns a Royal Grand Apartment, and he even has Some land property in his Hometown. Some pieces of Real Estate properties in Karol Bagh are also where he used to live. Rajat Sharma owns some luxury Cars like Rolls Royce, BMW, Audi, Scorpio, etc. His Garage is not so oversized but still Has some Good wheels to Drive in his Cars Collection.

Rajat Sharma Net Worth Monthly Salary, Earnings, Remuneration

Approx. net worth           Rs. 140 Crore INR

Salary per month             Rs. 32 Lakhs INR

Annual/yearly Salary       Rs. 3.86 – 4.20 Crore INR

Rajat Sharma (born Feb 18, 1957) remains the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, India TV. He is the anchor and maker of the famous TV show “Aap Ki Adalat. On Feb 18, 1957, Rajat Sharma was born in Delhi, India. He produced up with his six brothers and one sister and lived in a small room in Delhi.

One of the Best Media Newsmen Rajat Sharma Net Worth

Mr. Rajat Sharma is fearless and ambitious. Confident to take chances and enact their plans, Rajat Sharma is an incredibly inactive individual who stimulates others into action. An empty person who is always doing something constructively, Rajat Sharma rarely misuses energy. If what Rajat Sharma is doing with Rajat Sharma’s life is unfulfilling, Rajat Sharma is unafraid to change it. Rajat Sharma’s way of attaining knowledge is different from others, making Rajat Sharma’s education path relatively smooth.

Although, Rajat Sharma does not hold onto things for a long time and welcomes new changes in life. His character trait helps Rajat Sharma gain mastery over more than one subject. He often maintains a delusional attitude towards Rajat Sharma’s studies because of Rajat Sharma’s emotional turmoil. But, Rajat Sharma should not give birth to such situations as it can block Rajat Sharma’s education path.

Although, Mr.Rajat Sharma will receive considerable support from Rajat Sharma’s teachers, and they will not take a back seat in providing Rajat Sharma guidance. But, Rajat Sharma’s bond with Rajat Sharma’s teacher will be nurtured, and Rajat Sharma will lead a successful life. Although Rajat Sharma is quite dynamic. But, He will devote Rajat Sharma’s time to subjects where Rajat Sharma lags and earn Rajat Sharma’s expertise over this particular subject.



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