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Yakuza 7 – Like a Dragon, Mission, Yokohama Light Blue, and More
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Yakuza 7 – Like a Dragon, Mission, Yokohama Light Blue, and More

Yakuza 7

Like a Dragon, incidentally not called Yakuza 7, the Yakuza needs to evolve, both real and virtual.

Consequently, As a Dragon breaks with its past both in its story and in its systems, ironically by referencing Dragon Quest.

An RPG renowned for taking an unconditional traditionalist approach with its latest installment.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon: welcome, Ichiban

  • Leaving Kazuma Kiryu’s voluminous shoes behind and closing the spin-off judgment’s investigative parenthesis, it’s time to meet the new protagonist of the saga.
  • Ichiban Kasuga Appears from the 1st moments of the game completely different from the Dragon of Dojima.
  • If they last fully represented the Japanese hero often present in the Japanese imagination, the latest addition to the Sega house is a decidedly more outgoing and naive boy.
  • Elevated exactly like Kazuma in bustling Kamurocho, Ichiban is a hero of the people. Raised by a Soap Land manager and local “masseurs,” the little orphan turns into a Yakuza 7 when he’s only sixteen.
  • He grows up aggressive for the lowest part of Japanese society, which lives in the perennial “gray zone,” which often leads to unpleasant situations.
  • The plot of the game begins from one of these episodes. To protect his patriarch, the young protagonist assumes responsibility for a tacit murder, which ends up in prison for 18 long years.
  • When the sentence is served, the country is no longer what it was. The Yakuza is no longer what it was.
  • Consuming returned to his former boss, he shoots him in the chest without much courtesy. Nonetheless, Ichiban has tough skin and, far from being dead, he wakes up in the Yokohama garbage.

Like a dragon (mission)

  • Ichiban soon couriers his deep love for the Dragon Quest video game saga by making one of the most exciting game tricks of recent years.
  • Here the brave change of course from action to turn-based RPGs is contextualized thanks to the protagonist’s obsession with Japan’s biggest JRPG brand.
  • Ichiban views each fight as a turn-based match, complete with stats, pros, and cons, which often leads to funny scenes.
  • Fights in Yakuza: Like a Dragon start as soon as you are discovered, creating a kind of “chance encounter” effect.
  • The apiece key is dedicated to action, and despite the gender change, timed activities still play a significant role.
  • Through attacks, it is possible to inflict additional damage by pressing the button indicated on the screen at the right moment, as if to quote the previous titles’ Heat Actions.
  • Here, as in any JRPG worth its salt, the group’s characters level up and must be correctly equipped. So a good dose of agriculture is necessary (even if the difficulty level is never tricky).
  • It does not end here with references to Dragon Quest. Ichiban and the other protagonists can count on a right Work System, in the literal sense.
  • In fact, in Yokohama, there is a job center to visit to choose a specific job that. According to RPGs’ tradition, influences the skills and aesthetics of the characters.
  • This system is fun when you contextualize regular jobs in a Jrpg key. And you’ll find yourself smiling multiple times in front of crazy scenes.

What is Yokohama light blue?

  • Abandoned iconic Kamurocho, the port city of Yokohama, is ready to welcome the former Yakuza.
  • The Isezaki, as mentioned above. Ijincho district is entirely different from Tokyo’s pleasure district.
  • Here district that is home to much of Yakuza: Like a Dragon is at least 3 areas the size of the capital’s neighborhood. But it is thickly less populated and less bright.
  • The sensation of exploring Yokohama is living in an industrial city away from Tokyo’s frills and lights.
  • Offering players a sight of contemporary Japan probably unknown to most.

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