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The Mark of the Beast? – Definition, Technology, and More

The Mark of the Beast? – Definition, Technology, and More

Mark of the Beast Definition

The mark of the beast is finding in Revelation 13: 16-18. He also succeeded in having everyone, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, have a mark placed on their right hand or forehead.

And also, no one could buy or sell unless he bore the mark, which is the name mark of the beast or the number of that name.

It is what wisdom consists of whoever has understanding, calculate the number of the beast.
Since it is the number of a human being: six hundred and sixty-six. “(Also in Revelation 14: 9, 11; 15: 2; 16: 2; 19:20; 20: 4).

The Mark of the Beast (666) – What is that?

  1. Several things can be said. It is clear from Revelation 13 that this mark will be the working of a false prophet called the second beast (Revelation 13: 11-15).
  2. This evil leader will enforce the order that all people receive a mark on the right hand or forehead that will be secondhand in all business transactions. Without it, you cannot make financial purchases or sales.
  3. The identification of the number is 666. This number is said to “be a man’s number” (Revelation 13:18 – ESV 1960), but the title of this man is uncertain.
  4. Many see a connection between this leader and Nero, whose name can be associated with the number 666 by adding the units of numerical value in his name.
  5. While the association with a ruling leader may be real, similar to the way that US dollars include the image of the face of a former president, the identity of the individual is unknown.
  6. This mark of the beast likely includes an image of a global leader and an associated string of numbers, not unlike those used on modern coins.
  7. The differences will include what will be a required mark on each person’s body and what will be compulsory for all transactions.

why it is essential to understand the timing of this activity?

  • The mark of the beast will come sometime during the seven-year tribulation period that follows the rapture of believers from the earth (1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18).
  • As this is the case, no Christian needs fear if he is accidentally taking on the mark of the beast using some modern technology. Using the Internet, a credit card, or other digital transaction system is not the mark of the animal.

what can technology do about the mark of the beast?

  1. This prophecy should induce a sense of urgency to share the gospel message and live holy lives in the present moment.
  2. And also, modern technology could undoubtedly allow the adoption of an identification system similar to the mark of the beast in the world today.
  3. What seemed impossible a century ago could take place shortly with the rapid expansion of communication devices and digital technology write for us.
  4. We must admit that some details regarding the mark of the beast are still unknown. Some see the development of a global currency as part of the process leading to this brand.
  5. However, global transactions are already taking place despite the wide variety of currencies in use.
    Others believe that a particular type of technology will be using, such as an RFID chip implanted under the skin, but the prophecy does not specify this detail.
  6. The mark of the beast will mark a necessary fulfillment of prophecy during the terrible judgments of the last days.
  7. However, those who live today are named to read this prophecy and choosing to follow Jesus today, knowing that heaven awaits. Those who believe in Him (John 3:16), while judgment awaits those who reject the Son of God.

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