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3 Exquisite Timepieces From The Patek Philippe Collections

Luxury watches are one of the most valued collections around the world. To some, owning a luxury watch is a declaration of wealth. In terms of style and elegance, luxury watches are second to none. If you are new to collecting luxury watches, you should read reviews about the top luxury watch brands.

You can search for several luxury watch brands online. One of the finest luxury watch brands is the Patek Philippe. It comes with several collections that you would surely like. If you are interested, check out these new astonishing Patek Philippe watches:

Patek Philippe 5205G-013

One of the most elegant Patek Philippe men’s watches is the Patek Philippe 5205G-013 from the famous Complications series. This watch comes with a warm blue dial that complements its white-gold hands. Customers all over the world like its indexes that also goes well with its luminescent finish.

This elegant luxury watch comes with a white-gold casing with a height of 5.78 mm and a diameter of 40 mm. The back of the case is see-through and is round in shape. Also, sapphire crystals coat the entire casing so that it will be resistant to any scratch. The band of this timepiece is made from high-quality and genuine Alligator leather material.

The movement of this watch is an in-house Patek Phillipe Calibre 324 S QA LU 24H/206 that essentially functions as the powerhouse of the timepiece with automatic winding. Also, it has 34 jewels installed inside the watch that makes the bearings run smoother. This luxury watch is suitable for minor water sports activities since it is water-resistant for up to 30 meters.

Patek Philippe 5711/1A-010

Another exquisite men’s timepiece from the Patek Philippe collections is the Patek Philippe 5711/1A-010 from the Nautilus series. This watch comes with an alluring blue analog-typed dial. The indexes of this model suit its silver-toned hands. Also, it comes with a dazzling luminescent finish.

The casing of this watch model is made up of stainless steel material that makes it sturdy yet elegant. Also, the back of the case comes with a sapphire crystal display. Its diameter is exactly 40 mm and a height of 8.30 mm. The entire casing is circled with sapphire crystals that ensure to make it scratch-proof.

This watch also uses an in-house Patek Philippe Calibre 26-330 with automatic winding and has a diameter of 27 mm. Also, it comes with 29 jewels located inside the watch so that the bearings will experience less friction. Thus, it makes the internal parts of the timepiece run smoother and better.

This watch has a stored power that can last for up to 45 hours. It is also suitable for your water sports activities such as deep-sea diving since it is resistant to water for up to 120 meters. Its band is made up of top-quality stainless steel material.

Patek Philippe 5726/1A-001

If you like watches that come with contemporary designs, this Patek Philippe watch from the famous Nautilus series is your must-have timepiece. This watch has an analog-typed dial that is hued in black. It comes with exquisite silver-toned hands that match its indexes. The band of this timepiece is made up of high-quality stainless steel material.

This watch comes with a durable stainless steel casing with a diameter of 40.5 mm and a height of 11.30 mm. Also, the back of its container is a transparent sapphire and round in shape. The entire casing is covered with sapphire crystals that make it alluring and resistant to any form of scratches.

The movement installed in this watch is an in-house 324 S QA LU 24H/303 Calibre that works as the powerhouse of the watch. It has an automatic winding. The movement’s diameter is 33.30 mm. It comes with 34 jewels carefully placed inside the watch that reduces the friction within the watch.

This watch has a stored power that can last for up to 45 hours. Also, this exquisite luxury is not only applicable to special events. You can also use this watch when you have your water sports activities such as swimming and deep-sea diving since it is water-resistant for up to 120 meters!

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Patek Philippe has remained one of the best luxury watch brands around the world. It has been providing some of the world’s best timepieces since time immemorial. The three wristwatches, as mentioned above, are among the many collections that Patek Philippe generated. Shop now and enjoy elegance at its finest with Patek Philippe.

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