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Digital Write For Us, Contribute And Submit postDigital media all media encoded in machine-readable formats. Therefore, Digital media can be created, viewed, distributed, edited, listened to, and stored on a digital electronic device. And also,  Digital can defined as any data represented by a series of numbers, and media refers to a method of sending or communicating information. Collectively, digital media refers to any information that is transmitted to us on a screen.  And also, This includes text, audio, video, and graphics that are streamed over the Internet for viewing on the Internet.

Definitions and Implications

The above examples are not controversial as they fall under the stricter definition of digital commerce, meaning that the service is delivered digitally. The broader definitions are those that cause discord. These cases represent a gray area at the level of the meaning of e-commerce or digital commerce. The more general description of digital commerce encompasses any use of digital technologies such as information, communication, and technology itself. This definition could potentially contain anything that is done on the Internet, even if it is only about data flows and not necessarily the exchange itself.

The United Nations Conference on Job and Development states that digital commerce consists of buying and selling over the internet. Still, instead of just encompassing digital goods an smartphone  services, it also contains physical goods, a very controversial definition. The UNCTAD definition would mean that, for example, a customer who orders a physical product, let’s say a , from Amazon and pays online with a credit card, then receives the physical product, the smartphone on his doorstep has taken part in a digital one Trade transaction. And also, This definition controversial as many physical effects can be purchased online today. Although the transaction is online, the physical product must pay duties or other taxes when crossing the border.

Categories for digital commerce

To better visualize a digital trade flow, a typology of digital trade presented below. Therefore,  See Figure 1. Trade initially made possible by infrastructures such as cables and other technologies that make the Internet possible. Then there the data flows that may or may not contribute directly to e-commerce. And also, There digitally activated flows of services and goods. And also,  If they delivered digitally or physically, they included in this typology for visualization. Still, as I said, this controversial because the physical goods delivered to a border generally defeated as tariffs. Finally, the organizational chart shows the actors in digital commerce: businesses, consumers, and government.

On the other hand, the various categories of electronic trade can be divided into the following categories: trade between companies or B2B (business to business);And also,  Business-to-consumer or B2C trade; And also, public administration, which usually not quantified separately; Therefore,  customer-to-customer trade, which also not measured regularly.

Digital Transformation

Therefore, It is well known that digitization and data can change the way companies work. However, this process is not just about gathering more information and using the familiar data warehousing and customer analytics approach to collect data from the past to gain insights. Therefore,  Becoming a digital company requires a fundamental change in the corporate culture code and the development of skills to find new types of value in data. And also, Discover the three essential elements for successful digital transformation:

And also, Companies must reinvent themselves and radically change all their processes and models to make better use of emerging technologies and their rapidly expanding human activity. Therefore, Digital transformation is a process that integrates digital technologies in all aspects of the company and requires fundamental changes in technology, culture, operations and value creation. And also,  Digital transformation involves realignment to the edge of the business and more agile data centers that can support this environment. It also means moving away from legacy technologies that can be costly for the company to maintain and transforming corporate culture to help accelerate digital transformation.

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