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How Long to Leave Phone in Rice? – Recommendation, and More
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How Long to Leave Phone in Rice? – Recommendation, and More

How long to leave the phone in rice one of the best things a mobile phone can have is water resistance, one of the leading causes is.

Cell phone failure is precisely contact with liquids or being in an environment that is too humid.

When we find ourselves in a condition in which our smartphone write for us  has gotten wet, and we don’t know how to react, there are several processes that we must carry out. The first urgent measure that we must do is that if access to the battery is possible, which is increasingly rare, the first would be to remove it. It is also advisable to remove the SIM and Micro SD cards (if you incorporate the latter).

It Is Recommended To Remove The Battery, SIM Cards, And SD Memory Card Before Drying The Phone

  • When a phone gets excessively wet, we must bear in mind that water conducts electricity. Since electronic circuits are making up thousands of remote connections, it is easy for a short course to occur.
  • Therefore we should not turn it on before drying it thoroughly. These are some other steps we must take.
  • We must dry it thoroughly with a paper or absorbent cloth and minimize the traces of water on the surface, without moving the phone much. If we have managed to remove the battery, we will also dry the part where it is locating.

Vacuuming By Putting The Smartphone In A Plastic Bag Can Remove The Traces Of Moisture

  • It would be an excellent option to dry the terminal with hot air, for example, with a hairdryer. Of course, it is essential not to bring the direct source of heat near.
  • However, this process must be slow and must be the responsibility with great care. I was trying to go over the connections and the edges of the screen.
  • Another complementary action to the previous one is to introduce the terminal in a vacuum container.
  • Although it seems complicated, if we put the phone in a small bag, we can suck the air inside, either manually or with a suction pump. This product that we have located on Amazon could be useful in this regard.

Rice Is A Resource That On Many Occasions Helps Us To Dry Our Terminal Completely

  • We should also know that the supposed myth of the rice myth works. After having dried it manually, we proceed for at least 24 hours to fully immerse it in a container full of this cereal until the phone runs dry.
  • In this way, the liquid that is still inside will be fascinating by the rice, and we can turn on our terminal with a high probability of success.
  • Although before doing this, it will be convenient to check if the rice has absorbed all the water, otherwise we must cover it again.
  • There is some chemical product of a dielectric nature (a liquid that is not electrically conductive). Which allows it to be submerged.
  • For a time in a suitable container to eliminate water or humidity inside a phone. It can be an exciting option if you have not finally managed to bring it back to life. The only step you have to take is to take it to technical service and request a repair estimate or buy a new one.

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