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What is iPad Comparison? – Comparison between all iPad Models, and More

iPad Comparison

Yesterday’s event may not have brought the news that some of us expected, but what we have seen has been the new iPad of this 2018. Let’s dive right into its specifications.

That is why the time has come for our iPad comparison. The iPad comparison mini 4 and the 10.5 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

What is the iPad?

iPad is a tablet device launched in January 2010 at a conference in San Francisco.  And also, United States of America.

And also, at the time, the still-living Steve Jobs singled out the iPad as a revolutionary device.

However, Its size of 9.7 inches and its weight of approximately 700 grams means. And also, that the iPad is locating between a smartphone and a laptop.

However, the iPad has iOS as its operating system – the same design available on iPods and iPhones. The iPad has a multi-touch screen, And also, it means that it accepts different touches that perform other functions.

And also, This device is calling an audiovisual platform because it has several characteristics of a computer, such as:

  1. Applications,
  2. Internet access,
  3. Reading web content,
  4. Digital reader for books, music, videos, and games
  5. However, the first generation of the iPad arrived in Brazil only at the end of 2010. However,  a few months later, specifically in March 2011, the second generation of the iPad was presenting.


Comparison between all iPad models

Apple IPAD 2018 IPAD MINI 4 Apple IPAD PRO 10.5 IPAD PRO 12.9
screen 9.7-inch, 2,048-by-1,536-pixel retina resolution at 264 p / p 7.9-inch, 2,048 by 1,536-pixel retina resolution at 326 p / p 10.5-inch, 2,224-by-1,668-pixel retina resolution at 264 p / p 12.9-inch, retina resolution of 2,732 by 2,048 pixels at 264 p / p
More about the display Support for Apple Pencil Integral lamination and anti-reflective film Support for Apple Pencil, Full Lamination, Anti-reflective Film, ProMotion, Wide Color Gamut, and True Tone Support for Apple Pencil, Full Lamination, Anti-reflective Film, ProMotion, Wide Color Gamut, and True Tone
Dimensions and weight And also, 24 cm x 16.95 x 0.75 cm, Weight: 469 g 20 cm x 13.48 x 0.61 cm, Weight: 299 g 25.06 cm x 17.41 x 0.61 cm, Weight: 469 g And also, 30.57 cm x 22.06 x 0.69 cm, Weight: 677 g
Operating system iOS 11 Apple iOS 11 iOS 11 iOS 11
Rear camera 8 Mpx, ƒ / 2.4 aperture, Live Photos, 1080p HD video recording 8MP, ƒ / 2.4 aperture, 1080p HD video recording 12MP, ƒ / 1.8 aperture, Live Photos, 4K HD video recording, True Tone flash, OIS 12MP, ƒ / 1.8 aperture, Live Photos, 4K HD video recording, True Tone flash, OIS
Frontal camera 1.2MP, Live Photos, 720p HD video recording, Retina Flash 1.2MP, 720p HD video recording 7MP, Live Photos, 1080p HD video recording, Retina Flash 7MP, Live Photos, 1080p HD video recording, Retina Flash
Capacity 32GB and 128GB 128GB 64, 256 and 512GB 64, 256 and 512GB
Touch ID 1st generation 1st generation 2nd generation 2nd generation
Processor 64-bit A10 Fusion chip, with Augmented Reality support 64-bit A8 chip, no Augmented Reality support 64bit A10X Fusion chip, with Augmented Reality support 64bit A10X Fusion chip, with Augmented Reality support

Where are the difference between all iPads?

  1. After reviewing the table, the question inevitably arises of what are the differences between the iPad models. And also, that is, what do you receive in exchange for paying more money for a different model.
  2. Until a few hours ago, the most obvious answer was this: iPad Pro has support for external keyboards through the Smart Connector and Apple Pencil. However, now that the new 2018 iPad also incorporates support for the Pencil or the one developed by Logitech, it is no longer so clear. In appearance.
  3. The new iPad of 2018 is an update that, on the surface, does not contribute much. However, an A10 Fusion processor, the same as the iPhone 7, and 2GB RAM ensure a comfortable future of updates and apps.
  4. And also,  Apple Pencil support and low entry price make it what we saw yesterday: the perfect iPad for schools. And that’s a lot when you take into account all the accompanying software and services.
  5. For its part, the iPad mini 4 is left out of Apple’s Augmented Reality because it has an A8 processor. It also does not have support for Apple Pencil or keyboards via Smart Connector.
  6. But it has minimal dimensions and 128GB of memory. Which makes it faultless for use on the go. Apple probably keeps you on the line by thinking of professions such as hospital doctors and store clerks (the Apple Stores, for example).

Usage examples and phrases of iPad

  • “As a gift for her birthday, her parents surprised her with an iPad mini that she loved so much. However, ” In this case, it refers to the gift of this device.
  • “Since he has an iPad, he never tires of advising all his co-workers to have the same one, and he is convincing that it will be like that very soon. And also, it is using in the sense of someone advertising the benefits of this article.
  • However, “Never use your iPad without the case as that way, it protects it from bumps, scratches, and impacts.” Here, it is applying to a protective case for this tablet.

The new iPad Pro comparison with the most significant change in iPad history

  1. October 2018 saw the most significant evolution and enhancements to the iPad. However, iPad history’s biggest revolution. And also, the design completely changed. However, taking inspiration from the iPhone X.
  2. However, the Home button disappeared; the frames were reducing. And also,  the corners rounded. How did it unlock?  However, with the Face ID system, that is to say: our face. Its power? And also, more than a 15 “Macbook Pro Spectacular!
  3. However, the accessories were also reshaping simultaneously as the  2018 iPad Pro:
  4. And also, the Apple Pencil would magically stay glued to the iPad and, again. However, it would charge while it was attaching to it. And also, the Smart Keyboard was more stable:
  5. However, it had two positions, and for the first time. And also, it covered the iPad Pro from the back.

iPad VS Tablet Comparison


  • The iPad’s outer casing is making aluminum, unlike the tablet, which we can find plastic if we want something cheaper. However, there are tablets in almost all price ranges. But their prices are much lower than the iPad in general. And also, we can find pills from 100 euros or even less, to others of 500 euros or more.
  • However, IPad does not have a USB port or HDMI output. Therefore, we will have to buy adapters.

The tablet has many more free applications than the iPad.

The tablet has less storage capacity but has a slot for an SD memory card. And also, the iPad does not have a place to insert a memory expansion card:

  • However, regarding the operating system of the Pad vs. android tablet. And also, it gives us much more freedom when using the device in tablets.
  • An advantage of the iPad vs. tablet would be its more excellent durability and validity of the devices. However, would it be justified in part, its high cost?
  • Once we have developed a small comparative iPad and tablet, we will talk about some of the brands dedicated to the manufacture of this type of device.
  • And also, for the iPad, we know that it is Apple, but what about tablets? However, the brand is the highest quality tablet that we can currently find on the market?
  • We cannot forget to name the leading South Korean company in the electronics market, Samsung. However, the tablets that you manufacture compared to one of the greats such as Apple? And also, the difference between the iPad write for us and Samsung tablet?

iPad vs. Samsung tablet

  • Nobody has managed to unseat the Apple device in terms of sales, but it has lost market share when Samsung appears.
  • Samsung has made a giant leap in quality over previous tablet models. It has increased in size, it is even thinner than the iPad, and both weigh about the same.
  • However, it should see that Samsung has achieved a higher screen resolution with densities of dots per inch more significant than Apple’s. And also,  images and videos will be much better seeing with a tablet.
  • However, you already heard of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 White 9.7 tablet? Thanks to its 9.7 ″ screen, you can see all your favorite documents and content correctly. aHowever, with its Split Screen mode, the opening and closing of tabs are over since you can simultaneously perform different tasks. And also, the device has a storage capacity of 32GB + 3GB of RAM.



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