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Marketing Write For UsMarketing refers to the activities approved by a company to promote the purchase or sale of a product, service or product.

It is one of the central components of corporate governance and commerce.  Marketers can direct their products to other companies (B2B marketing) or directly to consumers (B2C marketing).Therefore,  Regardless of who is in charge of marketing, there are several factors at play, including the point of view used by marketers. And also,  Known as market orientation, they define how marketers approach the marketing planning stage.

Therefore,  marketing complex, which describes the product’s specific characteristics and sales, depends on the environment in which the product is located, market research and market research, and the features of the target market for the product.  After identifying these factors, marketers must decide what methods to use to promote the product, including coupons and other price incentives.

The term marketing, commonly known as customer acquisition, includes knowledge from the study of exchange relationship management and is a business process of identifying, predicting and satisfying customer needs and desires.

What are the four aspects of marketing

The marketing mix these are variables that determine and influence how your strategies will be implemented and how they will affect the market reaction to your investments.

Nice explanation. And also, About the heat and how the buyer pays for the item and determining costs, other aspects are also taken into account, e.g. B. the billing method and different payment method strategies.


It applies to where your product is sold and the product’s distribution channels to the end-user.

This point can be a bit unclear when analyzing the context of e-commerce, as it is online and can be delivered anywhere globally (depending on the logistics of the particular company).


It is crucial as it clearly shows the characteristics of a product or service that your company is providing in the market in addition to its supply chain processes. It also helps define and change it.


Simply put, this last point relates to the strategies used to market a product or service. And also,  It is where advertising and communication help. Follow the link below to explore the concept of advertising in dealing further.

It is essential to understand that while the marketing mix is ​​vital, it is only a template for better categorizing marketing activities, but you can never limit it.

Nowadays, with various technological advances, mainly the internet, there are several scenarios where 4P marketing no longer fits perfectly, And also, so 8p or 4e marketing was created.

A good marketer needs to understand how he works to extract his principles and apply them to other scenarios.

What’s the story of marketing

It is almost impossible to pinpoint precisely when marketing was born. It is a type of activity that is as old as the first exchanges and sales of ancient civilizations.

At that time, there were already the marketing strategies known today with not so clearly defined, somewhat similar properties.

The way of communicating to show your customers the value of your product or service through the intuition of selling seems very simple, And also, but it is marketing.

And also, Now it is easy to determine which brands and companies are exemplary in marketing and rely more heavily on them.

Marketing has become such an essential share of any buying process today that companies who don’t understand it are barely considered.

What is the origin of marketing?

Therefore, Marketing as a relatively new area of ​​research and knowledge has long been present in our lives.

Most researchers say that marketing as we know it is the turn of the 20th “.

Well, we all have needs, and humanity even had conditions that are up to 100 years old, right?

Research has shown that transactions evolved from antiquity to the 19th century in the form we know today.

Marketing as a research area arose when competition between companies became fierce, and marketers began to develop theories on how to reach their audiences and increase sales.

This idea began to take hold after World War II in 1945, when the United States recovered from the economic crisis, and the industry had to sell more at all costs.

The word “marketing” derived from the Latin “mercury” and means marketing in ancient Rome. It later became a symbol of the ever-increasing efforts to increase sales.

In truth, the marketing methods were initially based on lies and barter to deceive the consumer.

And also, It’s good we switched to inbound marketing, right. And also, Barnum was a great mentor to these practitioners in his book Art Made for Money.

Much of the marketers’ suspicion comes from the practices suggested in this book.

Who were the first dealers

To move forward and stop being a bunch of public containment methods, scientists m. developed and tested

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