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Pepper Robot a semi-human robot manufactured by SoftBank Robotics (formerly Aldebaran Robotics) and developed to read emotions. It was presented at the conference on June 5, 2014, and will be on display at SoftBank cell phone stores in Japan starting the following day. And also, Pepper’s ability to recognize emotions is based on recognising and analys facial expressions and tone of voice.

Pepper currently works as a secretary in various UK offices and can use facial recognition to identify attendees, send notifications to meeting organizers and organize drinks. Pepper can communicate with potential clients offline. Pepper’s first operational UK logger was supplied by distributor SoftBank and installed at Brain labs in London.

The robot has also used in banks and healthcare facilities in Japan with Seikatsu Kakumei applications. And is also used in all Hamazushi restaurant branches in Japan.

The pepper  used in airports in North America, And also, such as the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Montreal, And also, Canada. And also, The robot is used to meet travel offer tariffs and recommendations.

History, features and price of the Pepper robot

The Pepper robot is a humanoid robot with a height of about 1 meter and 20 centimetres. It has a very attractive and dynamic design, is characterized by its intuitive programming languages ​​, and can interact with people thanks to its intelligence. And also, According to its creators, “pepper came to make people happy”.

Thanks to the integrated technology, it can recognize both verbal and non-verbal language thanks to sensors. It is designed to recognize your interlocutor’s mood and individualize each interaction by analyzing the tone of voice and the position of the head of your interlocutor.

Pepper is used to creating a connection and a sense of empathy between the robot and the person, promoting effective communication. You can work in any professional environment and in the most natural way possible and adapt to any situation that presents itself to you.

Its human appearance makes it more welcoming, attracts customers’ attention and offers a unique experience. It is important to note that Pepper not intended to be a human substitute but rather via perceptual modules with a great ability to recognize faces and emotions, emphasising human interaction.

Its human appearance makes it more welcoming, attracts customers’ attention and offers a unique experience. And also,  It important to note that Pepper is not intended to a human substitute but rather via perceptual modules with a great ability to recognize faces and emotions, emphasising human interaction.

History of the Pepper Robot

History of the humanoid robot Pepper from the conference and minutes of the event

SoftBank Robotics  was the one who developed the Pepper robot. However, Note that SoftBank Mobile acquired robotics company Aldebaran Robotics in 2013, resulting in the creation of SoftBank Robotics Holding, the group in which famous robotics companies Foxconn and Alibaba have invested.

When was the Pepper robot developed?

And also,  Pepper robot was presented to the public at a conference on June 5, 2014. Since then, And also, Pepper has appeared in the Japanese SoftBank cellphone stores.

How many languages ​​does Pepper speak?

Therefore,  robot currently speaks 15 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic And also,  Dutch.

What is the function of the Pepper robot?

It designed to interact and coexist with people. And also, Interpret the mood of the people around him and change his behaviour according to his programming. And also,  Pepper interacts easily and intuitively and recognizes sounds, gestures, touches and expressions.

Reviews of Softbank Robotics Pepper Robots

Therefore, Pepper an important step in introducing these types of robots into commercial environments. Many companies have adopted it as an intelligent assistant, Therefore, placing it mainly in finance and sales. And also,   It has a great ability to provide help, inform, promote products and recommend services based on customer profile and purchase history.

What does the Pepper robot cost?

And also, If you’re thinking of buying from Pepper, be aware that the robot currently on sale at around $ 20,000. They also have the option to rent their services at a lower price to use at an event.

Amazon Pepper Robot Prize and Carrefour Prize

And also, Pepper is very successful in sales in Japan. Therefore, SoftBank offers the first thousand copies for 198,000 yen (1,425 euros), plus 24,600 yen (177 euros) per month for the cloud connection service. This course was to maintained for three years so that the price of Pepper could initially be around 8 thousand euros.

What are the uses of pepper?

The applications of the Pepper robot very diverse and currently partially shared with the NAO robot. They range from corporate communication at an event to the role of moderator or moderator. Its properties make it an ideal solution to perform certain functions in the

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