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Roku Write For Us, Contribute And Submit postRoku is a digital media player manufactured by the American company Roku, Inc. They provide access to streaming multimedia content from many online services.

The first Roku model developed in association with Netflix was unveiled in May 2008. Roku devices are considered necessary in the digital media player market, helping popularize the concept of low-cost small form factor set-top boxes. Media consumption. Roku also licensed its platform as Smart TV middleware.

Anthony Kindling founded Roku in 2002, which previously founded Replay TV, a digital video recorder company that competes with vivo. After the failure of Replay TV, Wood worked for Netflix for a while. In 2007, Wood’s company started working with Netflix on Project: Griffin, a set-top box that consents Netflix users to torrent Netflix content to their televisions.

First generation

Just weeks before the promotion of the project, Netflix author Reed Hastings decided that he would block licensing agreements with third parties, potentially preventing Netflix from accessing other similar platforms, and shut down the project. Fast Company journal called the decision to end the project “one of Netflix’s most risky moves.”

Instead, Netflix decided to split the company, and in 2008 Roku released its first set-top box.  In 2010, they began offering models with different capabilities, which eventually became their standard business model. However, In 2014, Roku partnered with intelligent TV makers to release Roku TVs with built-in Roku features.  In 2015, Roku received an Emmy Award for Devices for Improving TV Quality.

The first Roku model, the DVP N1000, was exposed on May 20, 2008. It was developed in business with Netflix to used as a stand-alone set-top box for their recently launched Instant Watch service. The goal was to create a compact device sold for less than the larger digital video recorders and game consoles. It equipped with an NXP PNX8935 video decoder, which supports standard and high definition formats up to 720p software updates, including new channels for other video services.

In October 2009, Roku released two new models: the Roku SD and the Roku HD-XR, an updated type with 802.11n Wi-Fi and a USB port for future functionality. Roku DVP was retroactively renamed Roku HD. At the time, Roku added support for other services. The following month, they presented the Channel Store, where users could download third-party apps for other content services (including the ability to use private services for specific purposes.

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