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Sega Genesis Mini Review – Design, Performance, and More
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Sega Genesis Mini Review – Design, Performance, and More

Sega Genesis Mini Review

To accord with the 30th anniversary of its iconic 16-bit console, Sega has released the Sega Genesis Mini review.

A compact reinvention of the console (known as the Mega Drive outside of the US) comes prepackaged with 40 classic games, plus two. Bonus titles.

Nintendo achieved quite remarkable success with its NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini miniature remakes of its classic consoles.

‘It’s not too surprising to see Sega take a similar approach. For anybody raised in the 1990s, the fact that old rivals Sega and Nintendo are fighting again is quite exciting.


  • A significant share of these official mini consoles’ appeal is that their designs are beautiful (albeit downsized) recreations of classic consoles.
  • Albeit with some modern twists, and like Nintendo’s offer, the Sega Genesis Mini is a precise original Genesis model.
  • With an occupied power switch and a reset button that works just like it did on the original. However, the volume slider is only decorative.
  • Smooth the flaps for the cartridge slot work, though, of course, you can’t insert any cartridges into it.
  • The original didn’t fit won, and the games the Sega Genesis Mini runs are pre-installed in your memory.
  • It’s still a lovely touch, and if you want to relive your old school gaming days, you can always keep the cartridge flaps open and give the Genesis a swipe before running any game.
  • It’s all reduced to a size that can easily fit in the palm of your hand. It is impressively small.
  • The attention to detail will make any nostalgic old gamer’s heart flutter with appreciation, and the only criticism we have is that it feels a bit light and hollow and so a bit too delicate.
  • We’re castoff to our Genesis / Mega Drives being significant, chunky tank-like devices that can take a lot of punishment.
  • It also appears that the mini (but not working) add-ons for the Sega Genesis Mini, including a mini 32X and Mega CD, will be available in Japan as separate purchases.
  • There are purely decorative, but it’s a nice touch that shows the passion that Sega has put into this.


Single of the Sega Genesis Mini highlights the user interface, making it easy to immerse yourself in your favorite games:

  • Games are displayed on the menu screen and communicated with their original box.
  • Selecting a game with the A button on the controller brings up a window. That gives you a summary of the game. Including the year it was released. And the number of players.
  • You can choose to change the way titles are sorted in the main menu, including by alphabetical order, gender.
    Or several players, as well as by release date, which is the default.
  • However, You can also press the B button to alter the main menu’s layout into a virtual game shelf.
  • Anywhere you can navigate through the titles using the spines in your cases. That’s a nice feature, although we prefer the default look.
  • There’s also a Settings menu that allows you to adjust certain aspects of the Sega Genesis Mini.
  • From here, you can transform the system language. On a nice touch, if you change the language to specific selections.
  • The images change to reflect the language (including the original game artwork).
  • Likewise, some games are only available in different languages, allowing you to unlock even more region-specific titles.


The Sega Genesis Mini’s game selection is very generous, with 40 classic games spanning the console’s history, plus two bonus titles.

The games are:

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Ecco the dolphin
  3. Castlevania: BLOODLINES
  4. Space harrier 2
  5. Bright force
  6. Dr. Robotnik’s Evil Bean Machine
  7. ToeJam and Earl
  8. Comix area
  9. Altered beast
  10. Gunstar Heroes
  11. Streets of Rage 2
  12. Earthworm Jim
  13. Sonic The Hedgehog 2
  14. Against: hard body
  15. Landstalker
  16. Mega Man: The Wily Wars
  17. Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition
  18. Ghouls’ n ghosts
  19. Alex Kidd in the haunted castle
  20. Beyond the oasis
  21. Golden ax
  22. Phantasy Star IV: End of the Millennium
  23. Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball
  24. VectorMan
  25. Wonder Boy in Monster World
  26. Road Rash II
  27. Strider
  28. Virtua Fighter 2
  29. Alisia Dragon
  30. Kid chameleon
  31. Monster world iv
  32. Eternal Champions
  33. Columns
  34. Dynamite headdy
  35. Light Cross
  36. Tetris
  37. Darius


  • Performance-wise, the Sega Genesis Mini does an excellent job of replicating the classic console. With visuals and sound that look and sound like we remember them.
  • When entering the digital HDMI port, rather than the old-school RF ports of older TVs, images looked cleaner and more vibrant than ever.
  • As we mentioned earlier, the CRT filter aims to give people who want that old-school look an option, but we’d instead turn it off.
  • The Sega Genesis was not ever the best performing console – many of its games were too ambitious for the hardware.
  • For example, when playing Sonic 2 for two players, the original console would struggle.
  • But overall, the Sega Genesis Mini does an excellent job of running games authentically. While also ensuring that nostalgia’s sake doesn’t hamper its performance.


  • Once Sega first announced the Sega Genesis Mini review, many people might have thought it was a cynical attempt to simulate Nintendo’s success.
  • By its miniature versions of its classic consoles. Perhaps, at first, it was. But the amount of love, evident in the little details, hidden bonuses.
  • And the sheer amount of content that has been poured into the Sega Genesis Mini means it’s more of a celebration than a cash grab.

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Review Sega Genesis Mini Review – Design, Performance, and More.

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