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Sekiro Tips – General Advice, Combat Tips, and More

Sekiro Tips

The safest thing is that you will need some sekiro tips so as not to give you too many scares when playing.

Shadows Die Twice may be presented as “the new Soulslike of From Software, but if you try to play it as a Souls, always die There is a change in the overall game mechanics that can give you some pretty severe problems To avoid these problems. It is better that you keep in mind the following three essential points.

What we want is to advise you during the first bars of the game, until you have a general idea of how everything works. Some things you will learn as you go and others about the blood you leave when your guts are removing.

General advice

  1. Forget everything you think you know. Forget backstabbing, running out of stamina, or exhausting enemy stamina by harassing them in attacks.
  2. Take into account the verticality of the game. That is, always think in three dimensions, the stages still have various heights, and there may be enemies or an alternative path anywhere.
  3. The ground is the last option to explore, as soon after starting you will get the grapple. Sekiro tips the grapple is of unlimited use and allows you to climb sure roofs and trees.
  4. (A small green circle will appear whenever you can, even off-camera), to better control the entire scene. Remember that you have the option of stealth to avoid fighting. Both to kill in one hit, and to altogether avoid enemies.

Combat tips

When you start, you will only have the Shinobi Arts. Among them, there are three skills that you should prioritize :

Mikiri Counterattack:

  • Completely essential. It is a skill that you have to learn to master as soon as possible. It allows you to “step on” the enemy’s weapon that will make you an “unstoppable” lunge attack and counterattack. And also, it breaks the Posture a lot. Especially useful against generals and bosses.

Double jump:

  • Essential it is not an unlockable ability, you have it available from the beginning, but it is the Mikiri’s “brother” move, and it serves to deal damage to Posture against sweeping attacks.

Whirlpool Slash:

A very discreet combat art, but very useful for much of the game, until you unlock the most powerful and expensive ones. It is a two-slash medium-range attack, allowing you to get close to the enemy while still hitting:

  • These three skills are essential, even before we get down to giving you combat advice. Now that you have it clear.
  • Learn to differentiate lunges and sweeps to counter. The “unstoppable” attacks (they can be stopping, but we’ll call them that) are proceeding by the appearance of a red kanji on the enemy.
  • As a general rule, if an enemy takes the weapon to his left side, it will be a sweep, use the Double Jump; If the kanji appears with the enemy crouching or preparing the gun on his right side, it will be a thrust, and you must use the Mikiri. Learning this is essential and completely basic to fighting, or you’re dead.
  • Don’t harass enemies or you will die. In Sekiro, things have changed a lot, and you can attack as much as you want without worrying about the resistance bar. However, what happens is that if you always attack the enemy will parry you and destroy you.
  • Learn how many hits the enemy parry makes. Here is the key to the fighting. Each enemy will parry after blocking a certain number of hits typically.
  • Learn these values for each enemy and with which attack they usually counterattack, to repeat the parry and keep them hooked in a chain of attacks-counterattacks until they break their Posture and eliminate them.

Skill tips

  1. Aside from the “winning trio” that we mentioned above, to begin with, the thing until you advance a lot is very generic. We recommend paying attention to passive skills, especially. Being able to carry more water for the pumpkin or emblems to use the tools always comes in handy.

Trick to recover Posture quickly

  1. More than a trick, it is a basic combat mechanic, but one that is not expressly explained to you. When your Posture meter goes too high when blocking punches, use logic: Maintaining a static posture, of course.
  2. What we mean is that you must press and hold the defence button: you will see how the Posture rises quickly.

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