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Technology Write For UsTechnology is the sum of the techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in producing goods or services or achieving goals such as scientific research. The technology can be knowledge of techniques, strategies, etc., or it can be incorporated into machines to allow operation without detailed knowledge of their process. Systems (e.g., appliances) that apply technology by taking an input, And also, modifying it according to the use of the system, and then producing a result are referred to as technology systems or technology systems.

The simplest form of technology is to develop and use essential tools. The prehistoric invention of carved stone tools, followed by discovering how to control fire, increased food sources. The last Neolithic Revolution expanded this and quadrupled the livelihood of a territory. And also, The invention of the wheel helped people travel and control their surroundings.

Developments in historic times, including the printing press, And also,. the telephone, and the Internet, have lowered physical barriers to communication and enabled people to interact freely globally.

Technology has many implications. And also, It helped develop more advanced economies (including today’s world economy) and enabled a recreational class to emerge. On the other hand, many technological processes produce undesirable by-products known as pollution and deplete natural resources to the detriment of the earth’s environment. Innovations have always influenced a company’s values ​​and raised new questions about the ethics of technology. And also,  Examples of this are the emergence of efficiency with human productivity and the challenges of bioethics.

Hard technology

It is every tangible product, solution, or component that is created by the transformation of materials. And also, Hardware and industrial machinery are clear examples of complex technology.

For a technology to be considered hard, it must meet these properties:

It must be innovative: However, if the product obtained no longer meets current needs, it could not be considered complex technology.

It must be new: And also,  it must contribute to what has already been created.

And also, It can become obsolete over time.

Therefore, must be done quickly: this is especially true for developments in the field of IT.

Maintenance Required: Otherwise, Therefore,  product may not meet the requirements for which it was designed.

Soft technology

Therefore,  all the knowledge or methodologies that have created to improve social dynamics. It so named because it comes from so-called soft sciences such as psychology, economics, literature, statistics, social sciences, etc.

Since their function is to generate knowledge to streamline processes, they have several applications in the business world and resource management.

Soft technology essential for another kind of technology to generated. Software, for example, considered soft technology and necessary for the development of hardware, that is, hardware technology.

Technological advances

And also, Technology was the key to the technical progress of humanity. In this sense, it was possible to demonstrate specific and vital technological advances in different eras, such as:

Primitive or classical technologies: However, They led to the discovery of fire, the invention of the wheel, or writing.

Medieval Technologies: And also,  Include such essential inventions as printing, the development of navigation technology, or the improvement of military technology.

Manufacturing technology: And also, More recently, in the 18th century, Therefore,  technological development of manufacturing processes was decisive for the industrial revolution.

Information and communication technologies: In the 20th century, technologies developed in the field of information and communication, as well as towards advanced technologies, in particular the use of nuclear energy, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, etc.

And also, Currently, the technology considered to be advanced and recently invented is called advanced technology. It characterized by its high price and represents an innovation compared to already existing technologies.

Therefore, Technological advances or technological innovations provide better living conditions for society. At the same time, negative factors appear as disruptive social problems such as unemployment due to human replacement of machines or pollution of the environment, which require monitoring. And also,  Constant and strict.

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