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Top 4 Computer Tools and Websites That Will Make Your Life Better
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Top 4 Computer Tools and Websites That Will Make Your Life Better

It is impressive how machines, whether big or small, can accomplish both the most straightforward and most complicated tasks. Using these machines, we can fulfill our job with ease, efficiency, and without any hassle. That is the purpose of these machines; to make our lives easier and fun. That is why machines today are a massive part of our lives.

A computer is an example of an excellent machine. It is part of everyone’s life today, and it is used at school, at home, and most importantly, at work. It is beneficial for communicating, file managing, sending documents, and more. But sometimes, a computer is not enough to accomplish our task, good thing there are so many computer software and tools on the web.


File management is one of the most complex parts when using computer devices. You have to make sure that they are secured to ensure that the safety of data your file contains, it’s in the proper format for compatibility purposes, consume less storage space for other files to fit, and personalized so that the people who are going to see it will know that it is your work.

Luckily you can do all this by just using one tool. Aside from its ability to convert files from Excel, PNG, PPT, JPG, Word to PDF, and vice versa, GogoPDF can also put encryption to your files for security, compress them to make the file size smaller, and can personalize them by adding watermark, putting signature. You can also repair and delete pages from PDF files.

Premiere Pro

Video editing is a big thing today because many people are into vlogging. Many ordinary people also use video editing to beautify their video for their viewing purposes and school and job presentations. It is vital that a video editor is easy to use and offers many features that can help make your video’s quality better.

Adobe’s Premiere Pro is a great video editor chosen by many people around the world. Why not? It can make your video as if it was made by a professional. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. This application offers numerous functions such as trimming, audio editing, adding captions and transitions, and so much more.


After a tiring day at school and doing stressful tasks at work, we all need a break from everything that makes us tired. But sometimes, the videos we are trying to play don’t play properly on our device; instead of entertaining us, it becomes our source of stress.

Using VLC Player, you will not experience any problems anymore. This application can play various video formats, including MPEG, DivX, and so much more. It is also compatible with playing music files in the formats of MP3 and AAC. It also has the ability to adjust video qualities such as brightness, colors, playback speed, captions, and so much more.

Google Meet

We indeed live in a digital world. If before we need to be in one place to discuss things, communicating today can be done without being close to each other. This is very important, most especially because of the pandemic where everyone is forced to stay at home and do essential things away from each other. Using Google Meet, this is possible.

Google Meet is a website that allows people to talk to each other. This website can hold a meeting of up to 100 participants. It is also safe because it contains encryption to avoid unwanted people from joining your discussion. It is also effortless to use; you just have to know the code to the room or an invitation link to enter the meeting.


With the coming technology, the way we do things changed drastically. If before, it is only possible to accomplish one task per day. Today, with the use of computers, we can achieve multiple tasks in just one day without doing so much and just using our fingers. That is the best thing about technology; it can do so much without doing so much work.

Computers are one of the best products of technology. It can do things that we can’t in just a few clicks. But a computer alone is not enough, without the proper computer programs and tools, it is useless and can even make our work even more complicated. The applications and websites mentioned are only a tiny part of what the computer world can offer.

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