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7 Reasons Why You Should Always Use A VPN
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7 Reasons Why You Should Always Use A VPN

In the post Covid 19 era, it is now even more important to have a VPN in your devices. VPNs should be used in almost all devices that can connect to an internet. After the hit of Covid 19 most of the companies operated from home and continued to do so, and so did we. We noticed that many companies faced severe cyber security issues by their data being stolen and accounts hacked and many companies faced loss. The ones who were not using VPNs started using them and also hired cyber security experts. On the other hand, people also faced a lot of hacking and data theft. Their hackers blackmailed them and the internet had become a very unsecure place. Internet these days cannot be avoided, but what we can do about it at this point is that we start using VPNs and not trust every app we download. This is the time where we need to be aware because cyber world is our world and we need to make it secure.

Access To All Kinds Of Content

As VPNs change your location making it seem like you are browsing from another place, you can easily access content that is not locally available in your area. For example if you use your Hulu app and there is a top trending show that is not yet provided in your area, turn that VPN on and stream unlimited shows and access even the ones unavailable. All you need to have is a VPN and an internet connection. For a safer and hassle free internet connection, go for xfinity internet. Often times VPN disturbs your streaming and slows the internet speed down. In such a case, xfinity internet speed is perfect for streaming shows along with the VPN.

Privacy from apps and services

Along with all the access to movie streaming services, libraries, websites, etc. VPNs are super secure and secure your data from the apps you download in your devices. VPN hides and restricts your data from apps and service providers and keeps the data safe. This is important to save our data because we often end up signing up to apps that might use our data for illegal purposes and frame us. There can several possibilities that our phones or accounts might get hacked and much more can happen.

Security When Working From Home

After the hit of Covid 19, many companies opted to work from home, which resulted in many security issues. As companies worked from home, cyber hackers targeted employees and hacked their personal information taking them to the company’s data. Many companies fell victim to cyber hackers and so did many famous personalities whose twitter accounts were hacked. There were many solutions that companies came up with one of which was making their employees use VPNs when working. VPN saves the data and even if we think it won’t matter, it does matter to secure the data of the company that we are working for because cyber hackers are pros and employees are their most vulnerable victims.

Important when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network

As we talk about the cyber hackers, when we connect to public networks our data is easy for them to access. Hackers have their ways with hacking your device when you connect to a public Wi-Fi. So when you go out the next time and get free Wi-Fi, don’t connect to it, or if you do, keep your VPN open at all times. People don’t take their data seriously but there are several things in your device that could give you away to the hackers. These things could be your bank details, passwords, online banking, personal pictures and a lot more. So, research about good VPNs and make a habit of always using a VPN even if you are not connected to a public Wi-Fi.

Easy to use

VPNs are the easiest to use and while some of them disturb the internet speeds a little; there are many VPNs that are perfect for your daily use. All you have to do to connect is click the connect button and start working. They are easy and can be accessed on your devices, tablets, laptops, etc. VPNs are adaptable to your devices and are very convenient.

VPNs not only save you from cyber security threats, they are good for you to watch and stream shows that are not available to you without a VPN. Similarly, you can also study from libraries that are not accessible otherwise and do much more. It is convenient in both ways so get one now, secure yourself and access whatever you want.

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