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What are amazon planes ? – How does it work, and more
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What are amazon planes ? – How does it work, and more

Amazon launched its first planes of Amazon’s air fleet operations in 2016. Amazon’s plan to build its fleet of delivery jets has been on the back burner for years.

Amazon planes are growing more vital than ever, with the purchase of a total 11 of its aircraft for its distribution system.

They had acquired eleven commercial Boeing 767-300 aircraft from Delta (seven) and WestJet (four) airlines.

Once the planes are adapt, they will be included in the Amazon network by 2022. Amazon Air will thus have its aircraft for the first time and not just rented ones.

During the last five years, the Amazon Air network has been increasing its fleet and deployment.

Thanks to the rental of cargo planes from other airlines. However, they decided to buy the aircraft directly to include them indefinitely in the fleet.

A purchase that arrives just when the price of airplanes is lower than ever.

It is due to the situation caused by COVID-19 and its impact on the air transport sector.

Amazon’s idea with Amazon Air is to improve package delivery to customers by saving costs and time by eliminating intermediaries.

In the United States, according to CNBC, more than half of air parcel shipments already go through its own Amazon Air network

Amazon’s first own ambitious plane to distribute the packages with its fleet

  1. Amazon Air, the airline of the online commerce giant, already owns the first place: a 29-year-old Boeing 767 freighter.
  2. Airfreight is one of the fundamental pillars on which the logistics industry worldwide is based.
  3. The airlines dedicated to this type of cargo played a fundamental role in the most challenging moments of recent times when the pandemic hit the hardest.
  4. Europe and the United States, the latter hiring the largest aircraft globally, needed maximum speed and flexibility to transport medical supplies.
  5. As one of the specialists in everything that moves around transportation, Amazon has also entered cargo airlines.
  6. In the United States, it is not difficult to see some of the planes labeled with the Prime Air logo. An air transport service that, for now.
  7. Amazon subcontracts to air operators dedicated to connecting the company’s large logistics hubs in the United States.
  8. However, and after being accredited as an airline by the FAA, Amazon can now operate aircraft without resorting to third parties.

Amazon’s plane

  • The Boeing 767 in general, and the 300 model in particular, is one of the aircraft that has worked best for the American manufacturer throughout its history.
  • It was the preferred choice for airlines on long-haul flights for many years, breaking with the tradition of using four-engined or triple-engined engines on this type of route.
  • It was also a significant boost in double-aisle aircraft for domestic or medium-haul routes with high occupancy. And, like almost all Boeing aircraft, it has its corresponding cargo version.
  • The Chicago-based manufacturer brings together the vast majority of cargo planes through Boeing itself and McDonnell Douglas, which it absorbed years ago.
  • Amazon’s 767-300BCF is one of the most widely used cargo transport aircraft and represents fleets as important as DHL.
  • It is a heavy category aircraft that is below the giants Boeing 747 and Boeing 777.
  • The 767 initially deliver to the Australian airline Qantas as a passenger aircraft and, after several jumps, was put into storage in March.
  • After a flight to Lake City Municipal Airport, he flew a few days ago to Tel Aviv, where the conversion to a cargo plane will occur.
  • In addition, Amazon would pending to expand its fleet soon by incorporating a second Boeing 767 and, according to Paxex. areo, it would have two more aircraft stored in the Canadian city of Calgary.
  • In total, and according to the license plates reserved themselves, they would have 5 devices.

The Amazon fleet

  • The new 767 of its own joins the company’s fleet in the form of subleases.
  • In this way, the new aircraft will be part of the 37 aircraft of the same Amazon Air model.
  • But among the leased fleet of the online commerce giant, we also find a smaller aircraft model: the Boeing 737-800.
  • It is the head team of large airlines such as Ryanair and the medium-haul flights of the Spanish Air Europa.
  • It is an aircraft designs to cover domestic and intracontinental routes that, in its cargo version, have significant operators in the world.
  • Amazon has 16 aircraft of this type to join logistics centers with less workload than its older brother 767.
  • The 737-800BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter) differs from the passenger version in implementing a large cargo door.
  • It by reaching 79 tons as maximum takeoff weight with which to cover up to 2,000 kilometers of route.

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