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Best Android phones – Definition, 8 Best Cell Phones on the Market.
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Best Android phones – Definition, 8 Best Cell Phones on the Market.

Best Android phones Definition

The cell best android phones war started early. Since February, the main news of the most powerful brands on the market began to fall.

At least Samsung and Huawei, two of the top three global competitors, put their artillery to work with new launches in the first half.

In times when couples and friends talk more through a message application than in the physical world, in which many employees work through their mobile apps and in which they attend a concert to record with their smartphone, it is.

It is natural for anxiety to consume the public to know the best android write for us phones of the season and what news they offer.

The 8 best cell phones on the market in 2018

1. Samsung Galaxy S9 +

best android phones 2018

  • While the S9 + boasts an impressive camera, we must also talk about the rest of the categories that place it as one of the best flagships on the market.
  • The phone earned the highest marks on the site, including such items as battery life, functionality, and specific features.
  • Samsung’s strong card is mainly focusing on entertainment features, such as surround sound, the ability to create emojis, and what they have called an “infinity screen.”

2. Huawei P20 Pro

best android phones 2018

  • The Chinese brand has distinguished itself for being the organization that invests the most in technological development worldwide.
  • The result is the P20 series, a device optimized by software that integrates Artificial Intelligence.
  • But that’s not all, because the phone includes the first triple camera – with 5x hybrid zoom, image stabilization system, and integration with AI, which allows user assistance functions when shooting, as it automatically regulates the light, the details, and the contrasts, depending on what is photographing.

3. Samsung Galaxy S9

best android phones 2018


  • Same advantages in a more compact size. It has a single back camera and a slightly smaller screen. Still, it maintains qualities such as resistance to water and dust, the Knox 3.1 security system, or the possibility of expanding the memory capacity to 400 Gb.

4. Huawei P20

best android phones 2018

  • An essential aspect of the P20 series is the design behind these releases. Huawei has put color on the phone, including the Twilight option, which achieves an attractive proposal not only for technology but also for fashion.
  • The P20 features a 5.8-inch screen, a 24 MP selfie camera, and 3D portrait lighting.

5. Huawei Mate 10

best android phones 2018

  • At the end of 2017, Huawei introduced the first phone with desegregating Artificial Intelligence. It is a phone that took a necessary step in the evolution of smartphones and is still very much in the forefront.

6. Google Pixel XL

best android phones 2018

  • Google’s bet is not very popular in Mexico, despite having a premium quality in design, software, and performance.
  • The Pixel XL provides essential advantages as it is a product of the computer giant, such as offering unlimited capacity in the cloud and the integration of Google Lens. This augmented reality assistant interacts with your images.

7. HP Elite X3

best android phones 2018

  • It is a phone designed for work productivity. The mobile launch of HP can be linked to other devices of the brand, such as the desktop computer or the laptop, not to lose the thread of work and take productivity everywhere.

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

best android phones 2018

  • The Notes are back after their embarrassing drumming episode. This new edition enters the list due to its ergonomic design –despite not being a small phone–, because it is a model resistant to water and rough use and for its dual camera, which makes it an elite team.

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