Computer Definition

A computer is a computing device capable of receiving, storing and helpfully processing information.

It is program to perform arithmetic or logic operations automatically. It is use in most Latin American countries.

Although it is more common in the masculine (‘ computer ‘) in Chile and Colombia. It comes from the English computer and in turn from the Latin computare (‘to calculate’).

What are the Parts of a Computer?

The essential elements of it is:

  • the memory (RAM and ROM),
  • the motherboard,
  • the processor,
  • microprocessor or CPU and
  • the input and output devices.

These auxiliary or peripheral devices are varied. Some of them are the hard disk, the monitor, the mouse, the keyboard, the printer or the speakers.

What is Computer History?

It has its origin in devices that allow mechanical calculations, such as the abacus and pascal.

Charles Babbage invented in 1882 the so-called machine differential. ‘And then designs the’ machine analytic ‘whose elements like memory.

The input stream and the processor influenced more computers later. The MARK I, based on electromagnetic devices, was also a milestone in this field.

Throughout the second half of the 20th century. Significant advances in the development of computers. Reaching a mass audience and with the ability to perform multiple operations.

What are the types of Computers?

1. Desktop

A desktop computer is a private processor to facilitate. Its dimensions and characteristics are used in a fixed location. Usually on a work table (for home or work use).

This term is used primarily in Latin America, and in Spain. It is sometimes known as ‘ desktop computer ‘.

It comes from the English desktop, which can be translated as ‘on top of the desktop’. However, it thus differs from the term ‘laptop’ or laptop.

2. Quantum computer

A quantum computer is a quantum circuit system capable of complex calculations and acts in state space.

It is based on a sequence of unit transformations (or quantum gates) and a measurement. It uses the qubit (quantum bit) as a unit of quantum information.

And also, this type of computer can perform calculations quickly compared to regular computers.

3. Personal computer

It is a microcomputer that is use by a single users. Simultaneously (or several, depending on the operating system). This concept comes from the English personal computer ( PC ).

Commonly, it is often spoken of as ‘personal computer’ or PC to refer to computers marketing at the user level.

And also, work with a Microsoft Windows operating system.

4. Laptop

A laptop is a compact personal computer design in one piece. And also low weight that is easily transport.

It is also currently the most popular type of personal processor. Its practicality and in some models for its low cost.

For most people, what this is a multipurpose study, work and entertainment tool.

Currently, the internet is used by approximately 3.3 billion people daily, of 7.2 billion inhabitants in the world or more.

It means that 46.4% of the world population uses the internet. Either through personal computers, mobile phones (smartphones) or tablets as the primary devices.

It has fostered the high development of technology in computers and mobile devices.

And also, we are currently having at our disposal an extensive range of brands. However, with different characteristics to choose from according to specific needs.