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The Benefits Of Continuous Integration
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The Benefits Of Continuous Integration

The Benefits Of Continuous Integration – Numerous articles have broached the topic of continuous integration and the method of implementing CI as a process. Being a developer such things sound great, as pcloudy continuous integration is a procedure where team members integrate the work is going to require some form of testing and it means automatic testing to formulate product success.

For a decision maker it may sound easy to develop a fix if a problem exists. Though the idea of an overhaul could sound resource and time intensive where the benefits might be minimal for an end result.

When you are a developer it would be difficult to ignore the regions of your development workflow which may be optimized or streamlin

Not only it improves efficiency but reduces the scope of error. Whatever be the needs in your daily lives such opportunities could turn out to be an apparent one.

The question is how the stakeholders could meet in the middle to ensure timely completion of the projects.

Once you are in the weeds every day the opportunities could turn out to be apparent.

Let us now broach upon the topic of continuous integration and how it may help the others in an organization.


Mitigation of risk

There is a strong possibility that all of us would have worked on a local machine scenario. As the local service developments tend to vary on how the website would be running on the internet, numerous pointers might emerge to the fore. There could be a difference in the local environment and how you might push towards production. Continuous integration not only enables you to mitigate the threats via testing, but ensures production parity. The quality assurance tasks like browser testing may be automated. It mitigates the risk of the bug where it makes their way to the live site.


If there is a robust test suite, which passes all the necessary tests, the confidence that you are not shipping a bug fades away. A transparent process educates the team along with the clients. Even it goes on to develop confidence once the team progresses.

Team communication

The concept of integration exists for a reason. It opens up the door for integrating various tools along with services that the team uses for their operations. It is necessary to develop a project for every Slack and during significant events CI might dish out a message. For a project stakeholder like a project manager they are going to have an easy time. They just need to check the channel rather than figuring out with a developer on what they have shipped. And, you can use a project tracking template that can be used as a single source of data for the project’s progress, also there are many Benefits of using project tracking template.

Reduction of overhead

The development hours turn out to be billable hours. What would be the case on the time spent in manual deployment of the files or codes. If you are able to automate a major portion of your work  would be freeing up time for billable work. This would be something that everyone would go on to appreciate.

The concept of automated testing enables you to fail early, and not locating bugs in the production or QA process. A worse situation is that the client may find them. More and more bugs getting fixed within the same time would be the sign of a clear winner. The new developers on the team have an option of running faster as they have to be aware about the series of steps that the CI would be responsible for.

To conclude most portions of the development flow is going to be the same at all times. Opt for automated testing and allow it to run on Saas.

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