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15 Reasons Why Engineering Is A Great Career
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15 Reasons Why Engineering Is A Great Career

Those with a passion for all things related to technology often lead towards a career in engineering. This is for good reason as this is a role that allows you to utilize the best and latest tech and change the world around you. The pathway to becoming an engineer can be long and challenging, but there are a multitude of benefits to keep in mind that will make it all worthwhile. So, if you are planning on a career as an engineer or you are already on the pathway, read on to discover the main benefits of a career in engineering.

1. The Work Is Rewarding

One of the biggest benefits of a career in engineering is that the work is incredibly rewarding. This is because you will spend a long amount of time working on one project, so once it is complete, it is an amazing feeling, and you can see the results of your hard work. This is not the case in many professions, so seeing the results of your hard work is a major perk that can give you great job satisfaction.

2. You Get To Change The World Around You

Similarly, you will find that your work allows you to change and improve the world around you. Most people cannot say this, and you will find that engineering work feels like you are contributing to society, whether you are building a bridge, creating cleaner forms of transport, or developing new computer hardware. In a time where there is a lot of suffering around the world, feeling like you are contributing something positive is a great feeling and another reason why engineers have job satisfaction that is higher than most.

3. You Can Work Just About Anywhere

15 Reasons Why Engineering Is A Great Career

Once you have the required skills, knowledge, and experience, you will find that you can work anywhere in the world. Many engineers like to take on projects in places all over the world, which allows them to travel and live in a range of places. Alternatively, if you want to stay put and have a family, then you will find that it should be relatively easy to find work nearby, particularly in a time when engineers are in demand.

4. There Are Different Career Paths To noFollow

Leading on from this, you will find that engineering opens up many different career paths, and there are always ways to change and develop your career. Many engineers like to move around, while others will prefer to stay put and climb the ladder with one engineering firm. Additionally, many engineers decide to start their own engineering firm later in their career, and this can be incredibly satisfying and a new challenge.

5. You Can Specialize In Many Areas

Another reason to consider a career in bingeing is that there are so many different areas that you can specialize in. These days, engineers do all kinds of different work in different industries, which means that you should be able to find an area that interests you. A few of the most popular types of engineering include:

  • Computer engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Environmental engineer
  • Architectural engineering

6. Every Project Is Different

Work is never dull as an engineer, especially because your work is project-based. This means that you can enjoy variety in your job and the chance to create new things, develop new skills, work in different environments and meet new people. Many people find working in an office environment to be dull, especially when you are doing the same thing each and every day. Engineering work is interesting, varied, and challenging, so engineers usually find their work to be enjoyable and always different.

7. It Is Intellectually Challenging

Closely linked to this, engineering work is intellectually challenging, and this means that the work is interesting and will keep you on your toes. Many people find themselves almost sleepwalking in their work, but with engineering, you will need to be switched on and engaged every single day. Of course, this does mean that the work can be stressful, challenging, and demanding, but for engineers, this will be a positive and something that makes getting up in the morning much easier. Many people also find that work that is intellectually engaging improves their personal life and overall wellbeing too.

8. You Can Earn Good Money

Of course, the high earning potential with engineering work is also a major plus and something that will appeal to most. According to PayScale, the average salary for a professional engineer is $81,000. There is also the potential to earn much more than this as you climb the ladder and reach leadership positions. Money is not everything, but earning a healthy salary is a major plus and will allow for engineers to build a comfortable lifestyle for themselves.

9. Engineers Are In Demand

Now is also a good time to enter the field with engineering graduates heavily in demand. There is a major STEM skills shortage globally, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting that there will be 140,000 new engineering jobs created by 2026. This means that engineers should not have too much trouble finding work upon graduation, no matter where they are working. On top of this, you also have job security, knowing that demand is so high. Job security is important for mental health and wellbeing, especially since COVID-19 is a time when many people have found themselves out of work.

10. You Can Earn A Masters Online

Those that want to advance their career in engineering should look to a master’s degree, and these days you can complete these entirely online. You can earn a masters in electrical and computer engineering online that will provide you with a qualification that will boost your resume and give you the ability to rise to senior positions. This is a qualification that will develop the skills and knowledge that is required to meet growing demands in the automotive and advanced mobility industry, including computer systems for autonomous vehicles, robotics, and the design of dynamic systems that can enhance autonomous functionality just as a few examples.

11. You Can Work With The Latest Tech

Leading on from this, as an engineer, you will get to work with the very latest and best technology. Using the above example of electrical and computer engineering, you can play a major role in developing autonomous vehicles that will change the world in the coming years. As someone with a passion for technology, it is incredibly rewarding working with new technology and using it before it enters the mainstream. This is why engineering is such an appealing role to those that have a passion for tech, and now is an exciting time with so many different types of technology that are shaping the world.

12. It Is Respected Work

You will also find that engineering work is highly respected. For many people, having work that will earn respect is hugely important and will benefit their overall wellbeing and help them to feel more confident. People respect engineers because the work is so important, intellectually challenging, and interesting, so you should find that you earn people’s respect when you tell them what line of work you are in.

13. It Is Creative Work

It is true that all forms of engineering are highly technical, but you will also find that your work allows you to be creative each day. Essentially, engineering is about problem-solving, and you need to be creative with the technical skills that you have to overcome problems and design the best products. Being creative each day is fun, stimulating, and can be good for your mental health.

14. You Get To Work As Part Of a Team

Engineering work is also enjoyable because you are part of a team. Jobs that allow you to work alongside others can be enjoyable, rewarding, and engaging, and this will all make work more satisfying for you. In a time when many people are working remotely and independently, there is something special about working as part of a team, and it allows you to develop positive relationships.

15. It Is Different To The Typical 9-5

If the idea of a typical 9-5 role does not interest you in the slightest, then you should find that engineering is more your style. Engineering work is vastly different from a regular office job as you can work in different environments, travel, work as part of a team, create and improve the world around you. It may be a role that is challenging and takes time to build experience, but it is also an amazing role and more a way of life for many.

Hopefully, this post will inspire anyone that is thinking about a career in engineering or starting their pathway to an engineering role. This is a job quite unlike any other, and for someone with a passion for tech, it should be a job that provides great career satisfaction.

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