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All about the First Image of a Black Hole- Definition, Samples, and More
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All about the First Image of a Black Hole- Definition, Samples, and More

First Image of a Black Hole Definition

The first image of a black hole is the most voted milestone among the five scientists consulted by El Cultural, followed by the genetic editing of David Liu and the “resurrection” of 32 pig brains.

In 2019 we also learned about the confines of the Solar System, quantum supremacy, the artificial embryos of Juan Carlos Izpisúa, the hidden side of the Moon, and a new drug against Alzheimezz

What is The most significant scientific Black hole?

Supermassive black hole:

  • In one of the most massive observing campaigns in the history of astronomy, radio telescopes around the world imaged.
  • The shadow and event horizon of the supermassive, the first image of a black hole at the center of the galaxy M87.
  • It’s an image that breaks all records for sharpness (or angular resolution, an astronomer’s jargon).
  • Black holes fascinate us for their extreme properties and for the dramatic effects they have on their environment.
  • But their interest does not only reside in this fascination because, due to their large masses, but they are also the ideal laboratories were to test physical theories such as Einstein’s General Relativity to the limit.

Samples on the asteroid Ryugu:

  • After more than four years of travel, the Japanese Hayabusa 2 mission reached its peak on February 21, 2019, when the ship itself landed very briefly on the surface of Ryugu, fired a small tantalum projectile on the ground, and.
  • Thanks to a collector system, it collected part of the material from the asteroid. That had come loose in the dust shaped by the impact.
  • In April, she fired another shot creating a crater, and on July 11, she carried out a second sampling maneuver to collect material from the subsoil.
  • The probe has already set a course for Earth. The samples will constitute a real treasure for the study of the origin of the Solar System and life.

The Chinese probe Change 4:

  • The first artifact built by the man who landed on the hidden face of Selene, Change 4, had been made by the Chinese space agency. This spaceship was carrying the Yutu 2 rover that presented us with beautiful images of the lunar face that we cannot see from Earth.
  • But beyond the beautiful photographs, this mission is revealing the physical. And chemical peculiarities of this region where some of the oldest craters of our satellite are finding.

Black hole in Galaxy M87:

  • There are several reasons why this news seems to be the most critical scientific milestone of 2019. The first because it responds to one of the most powerful instincts of the human being, the curiosity that has led him to wonder what lies beyond the limits that, in principle, nature imposes us.
  • The second, because to get the photo, a close collaboration has been needed between scientists from several countries who, with their respective telescopes, have generated a virtual one the size of the Earth, it is an excellent symbol of what we can achieve by working as a team.
  • The third, because Spain has played a leading role in it, some astronomy research centers have collaborated, and several Spanish scientists have contributed to the development of the algorithm that generated the image.

They revitalize the brains of pigs:

  • In metabolic terms, the dead brains were returning, again consuming the same oxygen and nutrients and releasing the same amount of carbon dioxide as a living brain.
  • Crossing the thin line that separates life and death is fascinating. Similar news, but much more shocking because her brain activity has remained intact, has been the resuscitation of Audrey Mash, a 34-year-old British, after spending more than six hours in cardiac arrest.
  • Those responsible for the “miracle” are a team made up of firefighters, helicopter drivers, and medical personnel from the Vall d’Hebron Hospital.

A drug against Alzheimer’s:

  • Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects a large number of people for which there is no cure. Any small advance that improves their symptoms will represent relief for millions of people, so we have to congratulate ourselves for it and because it has been developing in a Spanish center, the CNIC, led by Valentín Fuster.

The curvature of a black hole:

  • A critical milestone is not only for the year that is ending nonetheless for the history of science. The joint work of hundreds of scientists from all over the planet has made it possible to reconstruct.
  • The curvature in space-time that produces a black hole more than 55 million light-years from us.
  • Once again, two things are confirmed. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and that the human being’s desire for knowledge knows no limits or borders.

The resurrection of brains:

  • A discovery that will undoubtedly make us rethink the concept of death. Once again, around the possibilities of the human being to reverse the course of the inexorable forces of nature.
  • Although the “resurrection” of the brains, after more than 4 hours completely dead. Was partial it is to be expecting that in the future that seems not too distant.  We will be able to solve situations that today are dire successfully.
  • The ability of the human being to handle genetic material practically at will has seen another significant advance this year.
  • And also, with this new method, greater precision in achieving. The elimination of many unwanted effects, and even the insertion of unknown DNA fragments.
  • However, we are getting closer and faster to be able to remove it. Some of the thousands of genetic alterations that are harmful to the human being.

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