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What is Google Chrome Helper? – Definition, Information, and More
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What is Google Chrome Helper? – Definition, Information, and More

Google Chrome Helper Definition

The Google chrome helper is a technological resource used to search by voice on Google, help the user find information on the Internet, and perform their mobile devices.

Even different studies have placed it as the most effective virtual personal assistant globally, above Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

For example, the analytics company Loup Ventures ranked it as the most reliable virtual assistant of 2018, correctly answering 88% of user requests in voice searches through Google Home.

Due to its potential and importance for artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and modernization in general, today, we want to help you understand, for sure.

For that reason, in the next few lines, we will talk about its characteristics, potentialities, and uses, among other factors.

How does it work?

  1. To use the Google chrome helper on your phone or a Google Home speaker, you will only have to say something related to a piece of knowledge.
  2. For example, if you want to start the alarms and reminders command, you must say phrases associated with it, such as “Could you add an alarm at 6:00 am?”
  3. This human-machine communication, through artificial intelligence, is what allows this tool to develop its functionalities.
  4. Also, if a sentence is not specific enough, the application could answer you with another question or expression that leads you to be more precise.
  5. As you can see, the Google chrome helper works through dialogue and voice, so it is not complicated at all to use it.
  6. Also, you will notice that this tool is bilingual on your phone to speak to it in Spanish and English.
    Of course, if you want to usage another linguistic, you have to configure it.

How to activate the Google chrome helper?

  1. If you haven’t interacted with this app yet or haven’t paid much attention to it, you’re probably wondering how to activate it.
  2. The first thing to reflect is that not all devices have the Google assistant, even though it is obtainable for a wide variety.
  3. To check if your device has the associate, hold down the start button. If the message “Hello, how can I help you?” Appears great!
  4. Then, check if the scheme asks you to trigger Google Assistant and press the button. It is also vital that you touch “update” to know if you have the latest version.
  5. Once you activate and update the request (if necessary), teach Google to know your speech.
  6. Fix it, and you necessity enter the tool, activate the option “access with Voice Match,” and record a message with your natural voice, preferably in a silent home.
  7. You can also start “unlock with Voice Match,” so you can access it by saying, “ok, Google.”
  8. Yes, you have to say that every time you want to activate the assistant.
  9. Great, right?

What can you do with the Google chrome helper?

However, you still need to know what things you can do through “Ok Google.”

For that reason, below, we will explain 4 of the commands of this exciting application.

1. Programs

  • In totaling to helping you set alarms and notices for your daily life, the Google Assistant can create and review agendas.
  • It income that you will be able to give directions to the app and then ask questions like, “What’s on my calendar tomorrow?” or “what is my agenda for today?”
  • Thanks to this potential, you will plan and review your days in just a few seconds and in a simple way.

2. Google settings and configurations

  • Remember that, as we mentioned earlier, the Google Assistant was born to facilitate various tasks for users, including those related to managing the application and, in general, the brand.
  • For this reason, you can adjust and configure your Google account through voice commands such as: “Open my Google account settings,” “see Google privacy settings,” and “show me search history.”

3. Mobile phone control

  • Merely configuring the Google account is a valuable tool, but that is not all that this virtual assistant offers you.
    And it is that it will also allow you to control different aspects of your mobile phone, such as activation or deactivation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, flashlight, airplane mode.
  • It will even give you the possibility to select songs, increase or decrease brightness and volume, take photos, and open the application you want.
  • Yes, thanks to Google Assistant, your phone will be much smarter.

4. Information

  • Like every human being in the 21st century, you must be aware that the Internet is an infinite source of learning and knowledge.
  • However, you don’t always have the time to search on topics of interest to you or aspects that arouse your curiosity.
  • Well! The reality is that you do have enough time to do it, but you had not taken into account the correct tool: Google Assistant.
  • Now you have to talk to your virtual assistant to find out how old Cristiano Ronaldo is, when the new movie of your favorite saga is released or how to prepare a succulent dish of Italian cuisine, for example.


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