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What is Google Glass? – Definition, Price, Specifications, and More
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What is Google Glass? – Definition, Price, Specifications, and More

Google Glass Definition

We will have to go a few years back to know the history of Google Glasses. After years of development in the Google X laboratory.

A Google Glass dedicated to making significant technological advances, the famous search engine published the concept of how the glasses would look on its that happened on April 4, 2012.

In it, we could see what the course of a person’s day would be like using a prototype with Google glass.

From that video, the interest in knowing more about how the gadget works increased, until reaching Google I / O in 2012.

During that event for developers, Project Glass was presenting to the public, and it is from that moment that the history of Gafas Google.

A presentation that will be learning for the expectation the device also created for the spectacular nature of the demonstration.

Showing the world the main idea of Glass lenses, being able to share experiences with our loved ones having their hands free, as if they were in our place, and having our point of view.

Since then, the explorer program has not stopped growing, and with it, thousands and thousands of developers around the world are working on creating applications for Google Glass.

What price will they have?

  1. It is another unknown as the date of its launch. Although Google Glass itself has given us some clue about its price throughout these years, it is expecting that the cost of Glass will not exceed $ 500 for the consumer version.
  2. Of course, the Explorer version came out for $ 1500 and the Enterprise Edition version as well.
    However, in the latter, there are versions at a higher price depending. On the functionalities or functions to which the glasses are planning.

What specifications do the Google Glasses have?

The screen of high resolution equivalent to a high – definition screen 25 – inch projected two and a half meters away.


  • The 5MP that archives at 720p.

Sound :

  • The audio system is through bone conduction.


  • Wi-Fi – 802.11b / g, Bluetooth

Memory :

  • 12 GB of usable memory, synced with Google cloud storage. A total of 16 GB.
  • Battery:
  • According to Google, one day, but presently, the prototype is between 5 or 6 hours in full operation.

What functionalities does it have?

To begin with, the Google Glasses connect to our smartphone thanks to the MyGlass application.

Glass opens up a range of possibilities, and what can be finishing with them depends on the imagination of the thousands of developers who have the prototype version (XE).

Everything controlled by voice :

  • “Ok Glass” will be the phrase we will hear in a few years. Thanks to it, we will access any purpose of the glasses (search the Internet, take photos, open applications, and much more).

Take photos and videos :

  • With a simple command, we will have the opportunity to record and take a photo quickly and with a simplicity that had not been previously seeing in any technological device.

How Google Glass glasses work

  1. It is one of the questions that many users ask themselves when they do not know the device and, therefore, have not put it in their heads.
  2. The truth is that Google Glass works very well.
  3. In order not to lengthen the article, we could summarize that the operation of Google Glass is like having a mobile phone.
  4. Then we leave you with our review of fewer than two minutes so that you can see how Google smart glasses work. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment on the video!

What negative points does it have, and how can it improve?

After reading all the different points about what Google Glass is, you will have realized that, so far, the device is a prototype of which the “big G” continues to work.

On it every day to improve it and make it a device where everyone can wear it, both professionals and the user in general. Even so, we will see some disadvantages and where you can improve.

Battery :

  • According to Google, the Glass can last a day, but that is not the case. The device has a life of 4 or 5 hours with continuous use. It is one of the technical sections where the search engine has to work intensely to improve for the consumer version.

Warming up :

  • The glasses are not planning to be a computer, and so cannot be compulsory to perform like a desktop computer. The device gets hot when it is secondhand a lot, and this makes the glasses “go crazy.

Data Connection :

  • Although you can perform some essential functions such as taking a photo or video without an Internet connection, they depend on the smartphone, since the glasses connect to the device.
  • The glasses are expecting to have their data connection and not have to rely on another mobile device. Perhaps virtual e-SIMs and 5G write for us have a lot to do with the future of the mobile relationship.

Google Glass in 2019

  1. As you have seen, several years have passed since its presentation to the public, and we are still waiting to hear news about a possible consumer version.
  2. In May, as every year, the conference for developers is held, the Google I / O. We do not have much confidence in him regarding news about the smart glasses of the famous search engine.
  3. But we will be attentive to everything that happens since who knows if this year 2019 is the one chosen to discover more information about it and more seeing as

How to Buy Google Glass

  1. There was a time when anyone could purchase Google glasses.
  2. But, currently, it is not possible to buy the smart glasses of the famous search engine. It is only available to buy the business version.

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