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How Leading Industries are Adapting to Modern Technology?

How Leading Industries are Adapting to Modern Technology?

Technology is everywhere. It’s all around us. It dictates how we move through our daily lives, from simple tasks such as washing and drying our clothes to driving our cars or boarding an airplane. Around the world, today’s leading industries must be able to understand current and future trends and adapt to technology as it matures.

Modern technology is here to stay, and industry leaders must embrace its growing capabilities. With new advancements each year, every industry faces its own faction of technology and technological devices that will soon become integral to its operations.

In this article, we’ll take a look at two primary industries dealing with these changes, learn more about these new technologies — including understanding what is a portable CMM — and examples of how they’re adapting to their sector’s technological developments.


The automotive industry has continued to evolve in recent decades as new technologies change the way we drive and how safe we feel in our vehicles.

The rise of AI — artificial intelligence — is undeniable in this industry and is used in nearly every aspect of the automotive-making process. One of the most notable projected advancements is the development of self-driving cars. Using autonomous driving technology, young and hungry companies are using multiple sensor types to create opportunities for this potential to become a reality.

Quality assurance is essential in every industry, including the automotive space. As manufacturers look for ways to streamline their production lines, they need equipment that’s designed to effectively and accurately gather the appropriate data points in order to ensure accuracy at each stage. To reach these goals, devices such as portable coordinate measuring machines are utilized on shop floors worldwide — allowing auto manufacturers to measure and inspect complex parts and determine their compliance with industry standards.



The healthcare sector has always relied on technology to help its patrons and push for safer procedures and medicines. Integration of multiple technologies continues to be a key factor in this industry, with medical professionals looking to the future for more efficient, accurate, and safer ways to continue serving the public.

One of the primary advancements healthcare leaders are beginning to embrace is remote patient monitoring. This process utilizes new medical software to monitor everyday patient conditions without the need to visit the doctor’s office — including patient heart rates, blood sugars, and blood pressure.

As for the development of machine equipment and both clinical or patient-focused devices, quality assurance and accuracy are essential. Similar to the auto industry, healthcare leaders are looking to efficient, innovative measuring tools like portable CMMs to collect necessary data points.

With this information, these developers can create medical and surgical devices and systems that will change the face of healthcare for the better.


Industries across the globe are looking to the future for ways to further advance their products and software. As we discovered, coordinate measuring machines are playing an important role in their goals, alongside promising new technologies that will surely become an integral part of our day-to-day lives.

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