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How to boost your ROI via email marketing?

How to boost your ROI via email marketing?

It is common knowledge that there are various different digital marketing strategies out there,
but all experts agree on one thing – email marketing is a strategy that is the most effective
and the most affordable one. Email marketing is not only the easiest way to stay in contact
with your current customers and consumers, but it is also the easiest way to reach out to all
new, potential clients, thus ensure more revenue for your business.
The best part of email marketing is that its ROI is extremely high! For instance, for every
dollar that you invest in your digital marketing campaign, you can earn approximately 45$ in
returns. Sounds amazing, right? However, if you want your ROI to be as high as the number
mentioned above, you will need to take your email marketing campaign to the next level. We
are here to help you out with that, so keep on reading for some great strategy-boosting tips.

Seek The Help Of Experts

If you want to cut the chase, seek expert advice from Woocommerce Email Customizer marketing experts. In this way,
you can focus on other important business aspects.

Digital marketing agencies for business-to-customer (B2C) companies exist to promote
products and services to consumers. Email marketing experts are highly trained and capable
of using sophisticated tools to improve responses, feedback, and lead generation rates for
successful business outcomes.

For business-to-business (B2B) companies, they can take advantage of seeking expert advice
from B2B marketing agencies. Because these companies offer products and services to other
businesses or organizations. Email marketing experts employ more extensive research and
more professional message positioning to get the buy in of business clients.

Check the nofollowing advantages of hiring experts or a digital marketing agency:

  •  Save Time and Effort: Email marketing can be challenging, along with other digital
    marketing strategies. If you want to focus on production or customer service instead
    of creating and sending emails, then you can hire experts to do the job.
  • Great Results: Because experts handle your email marketing, you have peace of
    mind that the results are positive. Improve your conversion rates and sales by
    entrusting your email marketing to experts’ hands.
  • Cost-Effective: You only pay experts for hours worked, which is more cost-effective
    than hiring in-house marketers.

Personalize the Emails You Send

Maybe one of the best ways for you to boost your ROI via email marketing is to personalize
the emails you send to your customers. Start small by using the customer’s real name in your
email instead of the generic one. Or, you can kick this personalization up a notch by setting
up an automated action trigger email. If you are not sure what is this, do not worry, we will
explain. Namely, when a customer purchases something from your digital shop, for example,
you can send them a ‘thank you for your purchase’ email nofollowed by the items that might
complement what they just bought. By doing this, most customers will return to your site, and
thus, you will gain more web traffic too! Personalization of this kind can actually increase
the click-through rates for approximately 15%. So, if you need to boost your ROI, now you
know where to start.

Make a Segmented List

When sending an email to your customers and consumers it is a good idea to break it down
into smaller segments. By doing this, you will be able to target all the recipients more
effectively and thus improve your email marketing campaign by a staggering 760%!
However, keep in mind that there are different sets of criteria you should apply when
segmenting your email list. For instance, you can include your customer’s purchase history
and behavioral data, or, you can include demographics or the position in the sales funnel. Of
course, you should not use all of these criteria, but only the ones relevant for your business.
Always keep in mind that your customers are different and that they do not all want the same
thing from you. Segmentation can help you reach individual customers and make your emails
more personal too.

Email Deliverability is Crucial

If you have done everything in your power to improve your email marketing strategy, but
ROI stays the same, you might want to consider hiring an expert in email marketing services.
Or, you might want to ensure that your customers and consumers are actually getting
your emails. Yes, there is a big chance that your emails are ending up as spam! So, it does
not matter if you personalized that email or not, recipients will never see it. Luckily, there is
an easy way to make sure your emails do not end up in spam or junk. The first thing you need
to do is create high-quality content! And the second thing is to avoid using spam-triggering
words! Moreover, be sure that there is an ‘unsubscribe’ option somewhere in your email so
that the recipients can unsubscribe if they want. Otherwise, there is a big chance your emails
will get reported.

Mobile Optimization is a Must

More than 60% of all emails are viewed over a mobile phone, that is, over a smartphone
device of some kind. And, it is expected that this number will just keep on rising. Of course,
all emails can be read both on computers and on mobiles, however, they will not appear the
same. So, it is your job to make sure that this does not happen! The emails you send must be
made in a way that they look great not only on a computer but also on all the smartphone
devices like mobiles and tablets. If your mail looks like a burst of sentences and pictures,
recipients will probably delete it and unsubscribe from your mailing list. Something as
‘small’ as this can easily make all your previous efforts go in vain. Thus, make mobile
optimization your priority too! The days when people used computers only are long gone –
Mobile commerce write for us phones have now become the norm.

Find the Best Day and Time for Sending Emails

Last but certainly not least tip for boosting your ROI is making sure you find the best
possible time for sending your emails. For instance, if you are sending your emails to another
business, the best day for that is Monday. Avoid Fridays at all costs! Moreover, be vary of the
time of the day you are sending your emails. Mornings are usually the best time of the day for
that. However, if you are sending emails to international customers and businesses, take time
tones into consideration too! If you are not sure when to send emails yet, you can try
tracking your email’s performance first, and then see the results for different days and
different periods of the day. Give yourself some time to research. Your goal should be to find
the best time and day for sending emails to your customers and consumers – a time when
recipients will most likely see and read what you have sent to them. Also, you can plan your
marketing strategies by the help of sales and marketing budget template.

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