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How to Clean your Laptop? – Gather your Supplies, and More
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How to Clean your Laptop? – Gather your Supplies, and More

How to Clean your Laptop

You know your laptop is dirty. You can see the dust and grime on your keyboard. And also, you can see that circle of fat on your skin in the middle of the touchpad. When was the last time you wipe it?

Using a laptop that you just cleaned is almost as satisfying as buying a new one and get to know how to clean your laptop.

The keys are clean, the screen is smudge-free, and you fall in love again with that MacBook from three years ago. It is also a useful skill if you buy or sell used machines since the previous owner does not always leave them ideal.

Gather your supplies

  • “You don’t need a lot of things to clean a computer,” said Jolie Kerr, a contributor to The New York Times, cleaning expert and host of the Ask a Clean Person podcast write for us.
  • And if there is grime or grease that is difficult to remove, a melamine sponge can work wonders, although it should be a last resort because it is rubbing.
  • Don’t bother buying those specialized products they sell in the big electronics stores; they work well, but maybe the price is exaggerated compared to what you have at home.
  • They are also a good gift for those who buy a new computer/tablet/cell phone for a special occasion.

It starts with the inside

  • Once you’ve gathered your tools, it’s time to start cleaning the inside of the how to clean your laptop. Getting rid of the gunk from the keyboard can be tempting, but Kerr said you should start with the less glamorous internals: you’ll end up having to wipe them again after using the air. “
  • Do it with short downloads, because if you do it for longer, moisture can accumulate inside the laptop and damage the fans, causing them to spin too fast.
  • If you are lucky, you may not see a significant change after doing it. The goal is to prevent dust from building up over time, causing your computer to overheat.
  • If there is visible lint in the vent, you’ve already gone a long time without cleaning it. In that case, it may be best to open it up (if you’re comfortable doing so) or take it to a repair shop for deep cleaning.
  • Smokers and pet owners should be more vigilant about cleaning the interior often, as dust, smoke, hair, and other particles are likely to accumulate much more quickly.

Clean the outside

  • Next comes the fun part: making the computer shine again. If your computer is old, you may not be able to remove the brightness from the keys; some of us type like the Hulk and have worn away the plastic surface layer.
  • The display is a slightly different matter. You should be able to clean fingerprints with a dry denier, but if you need more cleaning power, use a little water — again, wet and press the fabric before use.
  • Just avoid cleaning the screen with household products with harsh chemicals such as alkalis or ammonia.

Get rid of bad smells

  • Let’s say you have an exceedingly terrible case of a dirty laptop, and even after the steps mentioned, it still smells awful. I’ve already seen many computers that smell like smoke. (cigarette or otherwise), and getting rid of that is a challenge.
  • Cleaning the surface can go a long way, but many of those odors could also be inside the computer. For that, you can turn to the best natural deodorizer in the world: charcoal.
  • But you don’t have to take out the charcoal you have in a bag next to the grill. Some recommend cat junk: “Because most cat junk formulas have activated charcoal to offset odors, they are easily detached.
  • Put the laptop in a sealed bag or box with a lid. Along with about a cup of cat litter and leave it there for 24 to 48 hours.
  • If you are comfortable taking the computer apart, you can also open it up and clean the mainboard with rubbing alcohol. But in my experience, that is generally not necessary. It just speeds up the processing a bit.

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