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How to Keep Your Gaming Laptop Cool When Playing
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How to Keep Your Gaming Laptop Cool When Playing

When playing games, almost all laptops are going to heat up to some degree. However, gaming laptops have performance optimisations which means they are able to reach more higher temperature levels than you’d expect from a regular laptop. If you’ve been playing for a long time, it can become uncomfortably hot. Not only will overheating of your gaming laptop be tricky to deal with, but it can also damage the device itself over time. So, here are some of the main things that you can do to prevent overheating when gaming.

Use an Additional Cooler Pad

If you’ve just bought a new gaming laptop such as these Lenovo Ryzen 9 Gaming Laptops for yourself, then it’s a wise idea to invest in an additional cooling pad that you can use with it when you are gaming. There are various types of cooling pads that you can use, including options that have fans which will blow cold air directly onto your laptop when you’re playing to keep it at a normal temperature and avoid overheating. Cooling pads are usually quite affordable, and you can find some that fit to your laptop or plug into it so they’re easy to use together.

Keep Your Laptop Clean

It’s getting harder to keep your laptop clean as many manufacturers today don’t make it easy for you to open the laptop. However, dust will build up over time inside, which can lead to the fans and air intake vents becoming clogged up and less efficient. While opening up your laptop to clean it might not always be easy, the good news is that you can find a lot of online tutorials to help you do this successfully. You can use compressed air or a vacuum to clear the air vents and the insides. Or, if you’re not confident enough to do it yourself, there are lots of professional laptop cleaning services that you can use.

Place the Laptop on Something Solid

One of the best things about gaming on a laptop is that you can game from anywhere. This means that lots of gamers sit in bed or on the sofa with their computer on their lap when gaming. However, if you’re in the habit of using your gaming laptop in these areas, you might have realised that it usually gets hotter. This is because soft items like beds, or even your clothes are good insulators of heat and the laptop’s vents won’t work properly when placed on them. Using a cooling mat, or even putting your laptop on top of a book is a good idea.

Disable Unwanted Apps and Programs

The more you have running when you are using your laptop, the more heat it is going to generate. If you have noticed that your laptop is often overheating when you are gaming, it’s worth scanning your computer for any malware and hidden viruses too, as these will use up background resources and make your CPU work harder than it needs to. Close all unnecessary programs and apps when gaming, so your CPU isn’t working overtime to process things you don’t actually need.

While gaming laptops have revolutionised PC gaming, they can overheat quite a lot. If you like gaming on a laptop, then it’s worth understanding what you can do to keep it cool.

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