The most popular postage solution that entered the market in the 17th century was the franking machines. A franking machine weighs stamps and processes any form of letter or parcel in a single setting.

Their primary role is to eliminate manual activity and streamline the entire procedure through automation. Traditionally, the franking machines had their connectivity through cables, but modern machines have their connectivity through Wi-Fi. The advanced models have built-in scales that assist with letter weighing. The internal rate software then calculates the correct amount of postage to use, which is based on the postage class selected.

The most popular franking machines in the market today are DM400 series franking machines, SendProP2000, and SendProP3000 franking machines for sending over 300 post mails.

Saving on time and cost is the end goal of any organisation; integrating franking machines has helped achieve the same because of the reasons stated below.

Reduced trips to post office

Setting up a franking machine in the workspace stamps out the requirement of making numerous trips to the post office. The trends and rates keep fluctuating; hence the integration of a franking machine keeps the user aware of the appropriate cost for the correct stamp. Reducing the trips to the post office saves the time that can be redirected in productive tasks such as innovation.

Elimination of errors

Carrying out postage manually is always prone to human error, let alone the selection of the incorrect stamp. Plus, what about weighing the letters inaccurately and having to pay extra because of it? Loss is incurred because of the same. Since the franking machines are auto-updated, they eliminate any chances of mailing error and render an accurate pathway for posting.


Loss of postage and mail thefts are factors of concern when it comes to mailing. There have been instances where the post offices have lost important documents in bulk orders, wasting money and the time taken to make the trip. With the integration of franking machines, the user posts mail themselves at the convenience of their workplace, without any unnecessary stamps littering the desk.

Professional Outlook

Professionalism helps any institution fetch more profits, and franked mails assist in rendering the same. With a professional and personalised format, the outsourced letters and parcels can help generate brand visibility. This ensures profits. Venturing into the market can be tricky, especially for small businesses, but integrating franked mails can generate a higher market value.

Transparent expenditure

A franking machine records all the expenditure that goes behind packing, processing, and outsourcing mail. From stamps to delivery, it accounts for all. This creates transparency in accounting. The user has a record of all the expenses that are incurred and assists in budgeting.


Traditional mailing cannot be replaced with emails. Organisations lean more towards sending out physical mails while making business deals.

To evade the unnecessary mailing charges, franking machines come into the picture. The additional discounts for placing bulk orders turn out to be more cost-effective. Instead of investing in stamps, franking the mails helpoptimise the costs.

Fast Mail delivery

Which efficient company will stop the motors of their business simply because their posts didn’t arrive on time? In the mailing procedure, metered mails are given higher priority. Hence, the postage will be delivered faster. Note that because the mails are franked, it wouldn’t affect the cost keeping the profit margin high.

Streamlines sending procedure

Streamlining normal operations automates the procedure and saves a handful of time that can be devoted to crucial tasks. Franking the mail simplifies the mailing procedure by saving costs and reducing waste. Plus, the machine assists in the allocation of funds as it makes the accounting more transparent.

One-time investment

The good news is that installing a franking machine in a workplace is a one-time expense. Connectivity is achieved using modern technology such as Wi-Fi. A franking machine is available in models that are cost-effective for all types of businesses. Instead of carrying out the head-picking five-step procedure delivering the postal, a machine that can be accessed at any time can be installed at the workspace.


The modern and optimal features like automatic envelope feeder, accurate weighing scale, smart meter technology, mail mark, and more have made a franking machine credible for carrying out all forms of postage.

As it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, a franking machine fits well with all forms of industries. Streamlining businesses has taken every organisation a step closer to incurring more profits. A franking machine enables the same. These cutting-edge franking machines foreshadow what’s to come. On the horizon is the integration of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

In conclusion, investing in a franking machine is a cost-effective, time-saving, and productive way of carrying postage.