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Watch Khuda aur Mohabbat Season 3 All Episodes

Watch Khuda aur Mohabbat Season 3 All Episodes

Khuda aur Mohabbat Season 3

Khuda Aur Mohabbat is the third season of the Pakistani intangible-romantic series Khuda Aur Mohabbat. Abdullah Kadwani and Assad Qureshi produce it as part of 7th Sky Entertainment. In this, the series Feroz Khan and also Ikra Aziz play the leading roles. The season premiered on February 12, 2021.

This season begins with the arrival of Mahi and her sister-in-law in Lahore. Timur, whom she met, could not help but think of Mahi. A young man named Farhat runs an illegal business, so his family sends him to work.Watch Khuda aur Mohabbat Season 3 All Episodes

Details of Series Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3


  • Abdullah Kadwani
  • Assad Qureshi

Star Cast:

  • Feroz Khan
  • Iqra Aziz

Country of Origin: Pakistan

No.of Episodes: 39

Production Companies: 7th Sky Entertainment

Original Network: Geo Entertainment

Initial Release: February 12ruary – November 5, 2021Details of Series Khuda aur Mohabbat Season 3 All Episodes

How To Download All Episodes Of Kuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3

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More About Kuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3

After meeting Timur, Mahi’s family agrees to marry Mahi. Mahi does not want to marry her but then gets ready, which makes Farhat sad. After Farhad leaves, Mahi worries about being cursed by Farhat. When Mahi reveals his true feelings to Farhat in a private library, he swears never to find peace and suffer.

Mahi, Mahi’s sister-in-law Sajal, family in Lahore, Dilawar, Najim Shah and Qasim Shah (Mahi’s father), Farhat’s family, and his neighbor Naheed (because he lives with family) soon got the news. He left his home to take Mahi to his hometown, where Farhat fell off a train and died. Despite this, Mahi’s marriage progresses, but when Mahi and Timur move into their new home, Timur is shot dead.

Surya, Farhat’s mother, receives the news of Farhat’s death, and also Farhat is in a frantic, depressed state. Dervish recalled his prophecy that Shenoy (wedding celebrations) would be with Madam (mourning).

Timur’s mother, Jagirdarni, knows that he was killed by Nazim Shah’s enemy and also holds him publicly responsible. He demands that Mahi stay with his family for the sake of tradition. Despite Mahi’s mother’s demands, she refuses to allow Mahi to return to her native Bahawalpur.More About Kuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3


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