Net Neutrality Definition

When we talk about Net Neutrality (in English Net Neutrality ), we refer to the concept coined in 2003. By the professor of Columbia University, Tim Wu.

And that these days are very topical due to the decision of the Government of Donald Trump. Through the Federal Telecommunications Commission, to put an end to Net neutrality.

But what is (or was) Net neutrality? The principle that all Internet traffic should be treating equally. Until now, thanks to the concept of Net Neutrality.

No government or telecommunications company could charge a differentiated rate depending on the content. Net neutrality, web pages accessed, or the applications used. You can get more information in this video on the El País Retina YouTube channel.

The end of net neutrality in the United States is bad news for most experts who point out that, with this decision, the Internet as we had known it has ended.

That is a Network for everyone, free, open, and uncensored (in most states) and equal access to information.

From now on, the door opens to an Internet of different speeds, based on economic and political criteria.

which can harm both users and small companies and their digital write for us projects that cannot compete economically with the companies. Large multinationals or companies.

The debate is serving, although many voices openly criticize the end to Net neutrality (including those of some companies such as Google, Amazon, or Facebook).

What consequences will the end of Net neutrality have?

  1. The fact that the principles that guide neutrality have been supporting in Europe is a reason for reassurance for European Internet.
  2. But the significance of the decision made by the United States Government and the fact that we live in a globalized market. What consequences does the end of Net neutrality have?
  3. The first consequence is an essential change in mentality and uses for millions of people who, with this decision, will have to change the way they access content on the Internet.
  4. The second significant consequence of this decision is the possibility of limiting free access to content and starting to impose fees for individual web pages or some content.
  5. In this sense, there is already talk of limitations for broadcasting videos or music in streaming and some platforms such as Netflix (if they have to pay more, it may affect your subscription).
  6. Also related to the content, another consequence of the end of in the United States.
  7. Opens the door for political and economic powers to have the possibility of exercising censorship on the Internet.
  8. It is already happening in some countries such as China, where the State controls and vetoes web pages.
  9. From companies, the emphasis is also on the problems that many will have in their internationalization processes.
  10. If they want to reach the American public, they will have to hire the services under the conditions set by the American telecoms.
  11. The same will happen with servers and services that are providing from the United States.

Does the decision to end Net neutrality rules have advantages?

  1. Although the scenario is not ideal for any Internet user. Some experts point out that the end of the rules of  neutrality can.
  2. And also have a positive effect and represent a new step in the growth of the Internet.
  3. The first to defend it is the promoter of this measure, Ajit Pai, director of the Federal Communications. Commission of the United States and former executive of Verizon.
  4. One of the large American telecommunications companies has stated that with this decision, he wins in freedom, and rules are eliminating.
  5. In this sense, the defenders of the end of Net neutrality defend the measure. Because it definitively opens the market and liberalizes it until its last consequences.
  6. Each company can offer the prices it decides and not have to abide by a regulation.
  7. Rise in prices will generate essential improvements in the competitiveness of telecommunications companies Net neutrality.
  8. It will improve the networks and, consequently, may bring the Internet to hard-to-reach areas.

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