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What is Nintendo Labo? – How it works, Nintendo Labo and cardboard, and More
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What is Nintendo Labo? – How it works, Nintendo Labo and cardboard, and More

Nintendo Labo

The Japanese company presenting its new technological product made of cardboard.

Users on social networks are dividing by modern video games. We tell you what Nintendo Labo is and why it generating so much controversy.


Nintendo generated a great debate among gamers and fans worldwide after the Japanese company presenting. Its new technological product: cardboard, literally cardboard.

After the release of the Switch last year, the company returning in 2018. With a series of cardboard games that work with the controls of its latest console. It’s called Nintendo Labo.

They are a series of toys in the shape of a fishing rod, piano. Steering wheel, vehicle pedal, a house, armor, and two remote-controlled objects: a kind of pepper robot write for us and a man.

How it works:

  • The products, which are assembling and can be customizing (aka you color it. In the old fashioned way), are connecting with the joysticks of the Switch.
  • However, with the interaction of the cardboard toy, the console software ” comes to life. “
  • For example, once you insert the console into the piano, the keys you press will be detecting by the control’s infrared, which will send this information to the screen, and the right musical note will sound.
  • The global launch of Nintendo Labo toys is on April 20, but the products will arrive in Mexico on the 27th.

It may interest you:

  • Pokémon GO positively influences cognitive performance.
  • Many Nintendo fans interpreted cardboard toys as a way for the video game company to cleverly mix technology with children’s creativity and manual skills, evoking nostalgia for playing with something as necessary as cardboard.
  • On the other hand, critics considered it a very cheesy and costly measure to sell more Switch consoles and products at a premium. And others just made memes.
  • Nintendo Labo products have already become the best sellers (in presale) on Amazon, one day after their launch between dimes and direct.
  • Costs range from 1,596 pesos (69.99 euros) to 1,824 pesos (79.99 euros).

Nintendo Labo and cardboard

Perhaps you will understand better what Nintendo Labo consists of after seeing the brand’s first advertisement for this. Nintendo Switch accessory that works on the idea of DIY, that is, “assemble it yourself.”

As you can see, the idea behind Nintendo Labo is that the players themselves create their accessories for Nintendo Switch using cardboard. The company will market cardboard kits that allow expanding the game with the console and enabling new game. However, modes and launching new titles in the future designing to be used exclusively with Nintendo Labo.

Kits include game cartridges :

  • cardboard sheets, strings, and plastic connectors; You will have to follow the instructions to build different accessories, called Toy-Cons, to house the Nintendo Switch controllers. If you remember the old Wii accessories, in the form of a pistol where to house the control of that console, tennis racket, or fishing rod.
  • It will surely be clearer what Nintendo Labo is about. The difference is that instead of buying the accessories already manufacturing, you will have to make them yourself.
  • In this way, as seen in the video, you can create a small piano. A fishing rod, a steering wheel for a car, etc.
  • Perhaps the most curious is a backpack that allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a robot giant. However, we will have to wait to try it first hand to discover how this new game system turns out.
  • Nintendo’s new invention can be a success. Or one of the most absurd products related to the world of video games.
  • Next April, we will leave doubts when the first Nintendo Labo kits sell. Whose price is around 70 and 80 euros.

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