What is Online Publication? Definition, Advantages, Benefits, and More

Online Publication Definition

Online Publication are the digital transformation of which have been printed on paper throughout life.

Thanks to awareness, you can have the same brochures, catalogues, magazines, manuals, etc.

And also, physical presence in a cheaper digital document enriched with interactive content.

That will make your presentations more attractive. Let’s imagine that you have a method distribution group.

And want to reduce the expenses of printing hundreds of catalogues each season. Or you want to complement your paper catalogues.

And also, with a digital ledger to distribute them all over the world at no price. Available to be sent by email and noticeable on your website or social networks.

So, you are considering an online publication.

Advantages of Online Publication

With the practicality achieved in Online Publications. You will believe that you have the catalogue in your hands.

Being able to go round the pages as if they were on paper. Only you will also enjoy other significant compensation such as these:

If you do not feel like turning the pages one by one, activating the “auto-flipping”. They will pass automatically in a predefined time interval.

And also, you can add audio files, video, links or emails accessible straight from the practical magazine.

A zoom window will permit you to increase the page area’s size, making it easier for you.

For example, to read the texts or view the images. If you wish, you can also exchange your virtual publication into a PDF document. And print your choice pages.

These are the major advantages that virtual publications offer during their use. But we cannot forget other intrinsic benefits of these documents in digital format:

Benefits of Online Publication

Eliminate printing and distribution expenses. Thanks to the internet. However, they are available to be viewed 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

Unlike paper, they never deteriorate. It is an ecological product.

That does not generate polluting waste in its manufacture and transport. In short, the Online Publication is designed to be the ideal substitute or complement.

And also, catalogues, brochures, books, magazines, etc., made of paper by a digital version. A product more economical for easy access.

And also,  proves more attractive and visible on your computer, tablet or iPad. At this point, now that you know better what an Online Publication.

And also what its characteristics are, it is time for you to discover it yourself. Here we leave you some Virtualymas Online Publications. Enjoy them!

Examples of Online Publications

  • E-books
  • Journal articles
  • Encyclopedia articles
  • Newspaper articles
  • Theses
  • Conference and meeting proceedings
  • Websites
  • Non-periodical internet documents or reports
  • Blogs
  • Lecture slides and handouts from CULearn

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