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Which Macbook Should I buy? – Table of Contents, Advantages, and More
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Which Macbook Should I buy? – Table of Contents, Advantages, and More

Table of Contents

Do you have questions about which Macbook should i buy? Don’t worry. We help you decide on which Apple computer to buy.

You are probably thinking of purchasing a device that offers you practical functionality. Able to respond when you need it most. This article is a guide to the things you need to know to know which iMac to buy.

And not just iMac, but any Apple computer, which to this day still does not have any competition in terms of quality, finish, and functionality.

Mac computers offer, apart from their power, a design that fits perfectly with any workspace, whether office, home, or in cases of being in constant movement, there is no more elegant laptop than any Macbook.

The Cupertino company has around the world a considerable number of stores and official resellers that offer incredible deals and prices for Apple computers to enjoy all the advantages of buying a Mac and begin to experience all the possibilities that each offers you. one of them.

Advantages of buying a Mac

  1. The current Apple operating system, called macOS Mojave, makes each of the components that feed on it get the best of them, making it power unmatched.
  2. With it, intuition acquires a much broader dimension than we previously know.
  3. Its structure will allow us to navigate our computer without having to have previously completed a master’s degree in computing, as is the case with most computers for office automation.
  4. If you are interested in continuing to discover macOS write for us Mojave, we leave you here a great article about its best and main functions :

IOS connectivity

  1. If you have an iPhone, it will be even friendlier than it was before, because it will be 100% synchronized with your Mac computer.
  2. In this way, it will not be necessary to transfer content, everything we do on the iPhone we can have on our Apple computer.
    From Banana Computer, we warn you that it is impressively comfortable to have an iPhone and a Mac and have absolutely everything synchronized and controlled.
  3. When you know which iMac to buy, you will be close to having a long-lasting computer, a computer capable of executing a large number of processes, and with little suffering.
  4. Apple devices are an example of longevity thanks to an OS that ensures the health of the equipment and selected and harmonized hardware to offer you an absolute return on your purchase.
  5. Don’t you know which iMac to buy? Don’t worry, here are our recommendations.

Types of Macs to Buy Which one is the best?

Our recommendation if you want to buy a desktop computer, an elegant and powerful iMac is our recommendation:

Display with a built-in computer, keyboard, and mouse that make setup easy.

An avant-garde and minimalist design that will not contrast with any decoration will give innovation to the corner in which it is.

A fast operating system and impressive quality on its screens where everything you want to see on the computer. It is seen at the highest possible resolution thanks to its 5k screens.

iMac 21 ‘

  • A simple and elegant option that you can find from approximately € 1,200.
  • The 21 ‘iMac is Apple’s best-selling desktop thanks to its affordable price within the high-end of computers.
  • You will have a powerful i5 and a high-resolution screen along with an excellent operating system at a very competitive price.

iMac Pro

  • Among the prices of more expensive Apple computers, we find the iMac Pro.
  • A very justified value due to its ultra power and its 5K screen that will surprise you every time you work with it due to the amount of detail that you will be able to perceive.
  • Its price ranges from 5000 euros and its 27` screen, together with its powerful Intel Xeon Octa-core, makes this computer the ultimate tool for all digital workers.

iMac 27

  • Those who want a considerable size and impressive power.
  • And also, For those who work in design.
  • Firstly, those who want to create.
  • And also, For what they want to produce.
  • For those who want to edit.
  • The iMac 27 ‘is the perfect equipment at the value that will make all the creations intended to acquire a dimension unparalleled.
  • Quality has never been more affordable than it is with these impressive Apple desktops.
  • You can find them from approximately € 2000 in any Apple store or official reseller.
  • If you are already not clear about which Macbook should i buy, now we will put you in a position have you seen how spectacular.
  • Light, powerful, autonomous, stylish, they have it all!
  • Stay tuned because we will give you details of each type of these apple laptops so that you know which one to buy.

Macbook Pro

  • Change the word iMac and now run the question which MacBook can I buy? Yes, the pro. The Macbook pro is an option for all tastes.
  • A lightweight computer that, in its most basic version. 13 ‘will give us the possibility of carrying out most of the tasks that we have to
  • perform on a pc, with little effort.
  • Its price? The quality and the high range in an Apple notebook has never been so affordable: from € 1,400 the basic model. A great opportunity.

Macbook Air

  • And if you are one of those who is always on the go and needs a laptop. With a long-lasting battery: the MacBook Air is your candidate.
    Possibly Apple’s cheapest laptop and also the simplest but not the worst for that.
  • Its autonomy and operating system make it the best tool for those who are regularly meeting.
  • Take your work everywhere, make your service ubiquitous, buy an excellent MacBook air, and achieve productivity like never before.
  • Get a MacBook Air for approximately € 900.

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