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3 Efficient PDFBear Tools To Help Edit, Secure, and Organize PDF In Seconds
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3 Efficient PDFBear Tools To Help Edit, Secure, and Organize PDF In Seconds

Efficient PDFBear Tools To Help Edit, Secure, and Organize PDF – Since PDF or Portable Document Format file has easy to print, read, and share features, there’s no doubt why it became the universal document format of today’s modern time. Most of the teachers, students, and office workers choose to save their files in PDF format before sending them through e-mail or open their documents on other computers.

However, this kind of file format can be a bit complicated to handle, especially in modifications and edits. With its tamper-proof characteristic, PDF users can’t add or edit something on their file’s content.

But, thanks to the continuous progress of technology, editing, securing, and organizing PDF files is now easy with the help of online PDF platforms. As such, among the best sites to mention is the PDFBear.

What is PDFBear?

When talking about PDF tasks, PDFBear is one of the names you can trust to help you edit, secure, and organize PDF in just a blink of an eye. On top of that, it offers a free trial period so that PDF users may utilize its tools without paying a single cent. Some of the PDFBear services you may enjoy include convert PDF to Excel, add watermarks, insert page numbers to PDF, and more.

Furthermore, this online converter helps its customers to deal with their PDF files without hassles and accessibility issues. As such, its straightforward process lets everyone, even the least tech-savvy people, access all its tools and services conveniently.

Change the Format of Your File From PDF to Excel

Transforming PDF documents into editable MS Excel Spreadsheet is an effective way to edit or add content to your PDF document. For this matter, PDFBear offers you a hand to do such a conversion task much faster and more efficiently than other conversion methods.

This online platform works together with a special Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program to convert PDF into Excel documents to be able to edit your file’s content. Furthermore, converting your PDF files to an editable spreadsheet is simple with PDFBear. All you need is to upload the PDF you want to change into EXL format to the site’s conversion portal.

Then, the PDFBear will do all the conversion tasks and will be finished after a few seconds. Once the transition is all done, you may tap the download button to save the editable Excel spreadsheet of your PDF on the device you’re using.

Protect Your File’s Confidential Details Through Adding Watermarks

Among PDFBear’s most-used security tools is add watermarks to PDF. With this, you may secure ownership of your PDF files and guard your document’s confidential content. When using this PDF tool, you may choose how your watermarks appear on a particular PDF file. As such, you may opt to use an image as your stamp or type text watermarks to let the recipient know you have sent a PDF file with highly confidential information.

Moreover, stamping watermarks to your PDF with PDFBear is simple and easy. You just need to drag and drop the file you want to take ownership of the tool’s toolbox. Then, grab a photo or key in the text you wish to use as your watermark, then press the “Add Watermark” button.

After that, choose the position you would like your stamp to appear. For the last step, apply the changes you have made and download the file with your watermark on the device you’re using.

Insert Page Numbers to PDF

One of the efficient PDFBear editing tools is to add page numbers to PDFs. This is one of the platform’s most used services that provide excellent help to PDF users in organizing their PDF pages, making them more readable and look professional. On top of that, PDFBear also lets its clients set the page number of their PDFs according to what they want.

With that said, PDFBear users may choose what number to begin with and to what digit it will end on. Plus, they may also decide where the page number will be inserted and what page it will end.


Do you want to share your documents via electronic mail or print a hard copy of your file without altering its formatting? If you do, saving your electronic file in PDF form is an ideal step to do.

However, since this type of document has a tamper-proof characteristic, it can be difficult to manipulate its formatting and edit its content. But, thanks to PDFBear, editing, securing, and organizing PDF files is now possible through the help of its features mentioned above.

Review 3 Efficient PDFBear Tools To Help Edit, Secure, and Organize PDF In Seconds.

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