Professional Backpacks

Professional Backpacks offer significant health benefits when they are substitutes for handbags or shoulder bags.

Because the backpack distributes the weight throughout the body in a uniform way, it is the strongest muscles, those of the back and abdominals, that support most of it.

But even so, we cannot forget that an excessive load or incorrect use can cause backpacks to end up driving back problems.

What should you know?

  1. To understand this, doctors explain that when we incorrectly place a large load on our shoulders, the weight force may pull us back.
  2. And too many times, it happens that the way to compensate is that we bend forward at the hips or hunch our back. And that can cause the spine to compress unnaturally, resulting in pain in the shoulders, neck, and back.
  3. It can also be harmful to carry the backpack only on one shoulder because that could cause postural problems, shoulder tendonitis, and neck pain.
  4. Another problem is that excess weight can be compounding by the typical overly stiff straps that would sag at the shoulders. The danger is that they compress a nerve and interfere with circulation, causing an uncomfortable and unhealthy tingling.
  5. Also, heavy backpacks change how you walk and increase the risk of falls, especially on stairs or other places where the load can cause loss of balance.

What should you do?

  1. Before buying a backpack, we must check that it has two padded straps for the shoulders, and the more comprehensive, the better.
  2. It would also be a great virtue if the ‘waist strap’ comes from the factory, which is becoming common, and that we use it. We will make the weight better distributed throughout the back, and not all fall exclusively on the shoulders.
  3. If it is a professional backpacks with a metal or rigid structure (like the one used by hikers), it can give us more support.
  4. And the fact that it has many compartments is not only a matter of order and comfort, but that usually causes a distribution of weight, making it healthier and more comfortable to wear.
  5. When it comes to choosing the best one, and when we are within a more than acceptable professional backpacks level, the taste has a lot to say.
  6. The backpacks to work will be part of each one’s professional aesthetic, and indeed that will be one of the keys when choosing between one model and another.
  7. Because in this article, we talk about backpacks that, without being super luxury (those of more than 200 euros), are not what they say about the battle, except for the cheapest.

1.The chosen one: Incase Icon Backpack

professional backpacks

People who work in an office and their clothing, although informal, reflects an absolute seriousness, they need a sufficiently refined backpack:

  • With a shape that stays true to itself no matter what we put inside, a finish that does not depend on what we are wearing, and an ergonomic shape that makes it comfortable to use even when full. It never appears wrinkled or battered.
  • And extra of its great virtues is that it stays upright when you put it on the ground, and you know it will never fall.
  • But it is also as ergonomic as it is organizing. With the wide, fluffy shoulder straps that fit perfectly. With excellent padding on the back and the more than useful sternum strap.
  • A demonstration of its interior space and its large number of pockets was a test that was exposing to charging it with: A 13-inch MacBook Air with its power supply, an iPad, an iPhone 6, with its charging cable.
  • The charger Apple’s most enormous, a camera, a notebook, pens, headphones, a wallet, sunglasses, a tube of moisturizer, keys, a Zojirushi thermos and a gadget organizer with an audio recorder, portable USB battery, cables USB, memory cards and SD cards. Even with all this, there was plenty of room.

2.Timbuk 2 The Division Pack

professional backpacks

It is smaller than the Icon, but it is so well-organized that there is most likely not a space problem:

  • It also has a reserved pocket for the laptop in which one of up to 15 inches fits. And this one does have an outside pocket for the water bottle.
  • An essential difference in terms of size is that it has side straps to tighten the backpack and make it smaller.
  • But in its negative box, we could say that its design does not reach the height of the Icon. And it also has the problem that its size becomes excessive so that many users can carry it comfortably. Moreover, users have complained that it is uncomfortable to put on and take off on the back for those who have quite broad shoulders.
  • Overall, it is an excellent alternative to replace our winner if we do not have a real need for a large space. And on top of that, it’s a bit cheaper. However, it’s not as elegant or as slim as the favorite in this review.

3.Booq Cobra Squeeze

professional backpacks


Sufficiently refined, although not as much as the previous ones, and with many pockets to carry things perfectly organized in the backpack:

  • It is making of ballistic nylon (1,680 deniers Cordura). A material that receives that name was created by the Du Pont corporation to manufacture bulletproof vests and the jackets that pilots wore during World War II. Although it held fragments from some explosions, it was not effective against German soldiers’ pistol or rifle bullets.
  • Today it is used as a particularly strong material for luggage products or watch straps, and it withstands abrasion and tearing very well. But it has the problem that it is difficult to dye, so we almost always see it in dark colors. Also, in this case, it is waterproof and uses YKK zippers through.
  • Contrary to this item’s favorite backpack’s boxy shape, the Cobra has a curved shape that reduces capacity a bit but makes it look even more stylish.
  • It includes an elastic strap to secure the laptop, and the highly padded and well-ventilated backrest is very comfortable. But against it, it can be supposed that the lack of a sternum strap and a belt makes it more difficult to carry heavy loads with some comfort.
  • As negative points, it should be renowned that she does not stand alone, forcing us always to leave her lying down or supported. Which on the ground is not very comfortable.

4.The smallest, STM Velocity Prime

professional backpacks

It is possible, even probable, that many of our readers do not need such large backpacks or have a 15-inch laptop with which to move:

  • So for them, the STM Primer, which holds a 13-inch laptop and the essentials. With a compact and lightweight design, and a total capacity of 15 liters, it is very comfortable to carry and sufficient for most occasions.
  • And it also takes the laptop exceptionally well protected, with a padded sleeve.
    The exterior is waterproof, the straps are comfortable, and it has a top handle.

5.The cheapest, REYLEO

professional backpacks

With a capacity of 26 liters, it can carry a 15.6-inch laptop. However, the backpack does not have the quality—the appearance of the others included in this article:

  • But the price is not comparable either. It is making of polyester. It is resistant to drizzle. Although it gives a good result in the vast majority of cases. Some have complained about its seams’ quality and that its interior padding lacks a bit of thickness.
  • In addition to the laptop, a folder fits in the middle area. Even some clothes, if you want to use them for an overnight trip.

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