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Professional Liability Insurance Software Development
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Professional Liability Insurance Software Development

Professional Liability Insurance Software Development

Are you looking for professional liability software development insurance? Especially for software developers. Specialized in PHP, ASP, .NET or C #? Take out insurance, even if you work a lot with JavaScript, Java, XML and other programming languages.

The software you develop and deliver may contain bugs or other errors, resulting in customers’ costs. Do you want to insure yourself for that damage? Then professional liability insurance for software development is a good choice.

Tip: professional liability insurance provides cover for damage caused by software supplied and non-supplied software—good coverage for you as a software developer to do business with your customers in a relaxed way.

Why Software Development Professional Indemnity Insurance? software development has to do with designing and building applications and programming. According to the customer’s wishes, a software developer works together with colleagues and customers to carry out an assignment as accurately as possible. All companies and companies use a software program in one way or another, such as banks, insurance companies and ICT companies. As a developer, it is therefore helpful if you take out professional liability insurance for software developers. Imagine that the software you make and supply contains a bug or other errors, forcing your customer to incur costs. He can hold you liable for this. At such times, a software developer will come across professional free trimmer liability insurance comes in handy. Taking out BAV software development is a good choice. This insurance provides cover for damage caused by software supplied—good coverage for you as a software developer to do business with customers in a relaxed way.

Professional Liability Insurance

Integrated Professional Liability Insurance Product liability insurance designed to provide insurance protection to software development companies. High-tech companies that supply and develop hardware. When referring to a software development company, the products include off-the-shelf software and dedicated software developed under the customer’s needs for consulting and training services related to the software products, including the software’s implementation.

Professional liability insurance that covers the detriment of the insured for any act of error, mistake or omission made during the ongoing work on product development or failure to provide the product.

High-Tech Professional Liability Insurance – What Is Essential To Make Sure In The Policy?

It is essential to note that the policy will include market expansion, a late discovery period between 6 and 12 months.

Ensure that the policy is not limited to the finished product stages and includes the development stages.

It is essential to have insurance coverage in the insured’s policy or someone on his behalf, including contractors and subcontractors.

High-tech professional liability insurance and product liability insurance policies where coverage is broadly defined as an unlawful act including misrepresentation or misrepresentation unintentional breach of a statutory requirement and accidental breach of an outstanding contractual obligation covered by the policy.

Product liability insurance covers the company’s liability for bodily injury or property damage caused to a third party (customers usually) due to using the product.

Combining the two products in one policy provides an applicable protection umbrella in which there is protection for both pure economic damage and bodily and property damage caused by and due to the use of the technology.

Insurance Software Development Company 

Helping insurance agencies work on standard methods, bring effectiveness, make a superior client encounter and improve productivity with advanced change advances.

We Collect Original Security Programming Answers For Work On Security 


Utilizing the capacities of arising innovations, including IoT, AI and Blockchain, we create protection programming arrangements that offer a consistent encounter to insurance agencies and clients.

What Are The Insurances That May Concern The Profession Of Software Publisher?

Without being completely exhaustive, here are the principal assurances that concern Software Publishers :

  • Professional Liability Insurance including Cyber ​​warranty extensions that should not dissociate
  • Directors’ Liability Insurance to protect the personal assets of managers
  • Employee health and provident insurance, most often according to the compliance criteria of the Syntec collective agreement (CCN Syntec)
  • Insurance of premises and Super computer write for us  equipment, generally in all places, which includes equipment at accommodation providers or teleworking, for example
  • Critical Man insurance for fundraising, or borrower for loans
  • Professional Travel Insurance to protect and assist your employees when travelling abroad (CNN imposes an obligation of assistance for trips outside France)
  • Unemployment insurance for managers if their status does not entitle them to compensation from Pole Emploi

ONLYNNOV experts offer all these insurances, specialists in software publisher insurances.

Some Software Publishers will also need other insurance specific to their activity on a case-by-case basis. We can also help you with this research.


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