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What is the Best Robot Vacuum? – Definition, Navigation, and More
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What is the Best Robot Vacuum? – Definition, Navigation, and More

Best Robot Vacuum Definition

purchase recommendations based on use. No doubt having a best robot vacuum makes home maintenance a much lighter task.

After all, you have to press a button (more or less), and voila, he alone takes care of vacuuming your house with greater or lesser expertise. However, in the marketplace, we find from robot vacuum cleansers for just over 100 euros to others that surpass four statistics.

In this artifact, we will try to find out which characteristics justify in a certain way that price difference and which are the most exciting models concerning value for money.

Choosing a good robot vacuum cleaner

  1. The first point to consider is the design. Thus, while the vast majority are flattened cylinders, we also find D-shaped designs like the Neato or like the current iRobot flagship, the Roomba s9 +.
  2. More than a question of form, something that determines how they are going to face the obstacles they encounter is their height and the size of their wheels.
  3. Over time we also find variations in something a priori as simple as the charging base.
  4. In essence, they are still small, but there are them with mats to collect moisture from the scrubbing accessories and not damage the floor.
  5. And also bulky like those of the Roomba s9 + or its predecessor, the Roomba i7 +. One of the distinguishing features of both is that its tank is cleaning only when it reaches the base. Thanks to an extraction system that deposits the dirt in a bag integrated inside.
  6. Finally, it is essential to look at the composition and materials of the brushes. The critical thing that we are going to find at this point is a central roller in the past, there were models without this, only with a suction slot – to catch dirt and hair.

Cleaning capacity:

  • The essence of a vacuum cleaner, whatever the type, is its ability to trap dirt through suction and leave it confined in its tank so that it not only removes hair, grime and dirt in general but also captures and retains dust and other microparticles.
  • Thus, not only do we achieve “macroscopic” cleaning, but if the vacuum cleaner is powerful enough and has a high-efficiency filter. We can also minimize the effect of allergens, something highly recommended for people with respiratory problems.
  • In practice, the most short-range is around 1,500 Pascals, and as we go up the range, the suction capacity increases.
  • We are even reaching the exceptional 10,000 Pascals of the Conga 5490. Of course, be careful because the B side with the most suction capacity is noise.
  • Regarding the filter, it is essential that it be HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) and not of the HEPA type.
  • However, it means that they must trap all particles equal to or greater than 0.3 microns. In diameter with 99.97% effectiveness according to established standards.
  • A good example is that of the British people brand Dyson and its 360 Heurist, a model inheriting the effectiveness of the sled format but in a robot type.

What is the importance of efficient navigation?

  1. It has more or less power, and the noise has been more or less mitigating. It must be standing that it is not comfortable to be with a robot vacuum cleaner at home.
  2. So the idea is to finish as soon as possible. Here we come to another critical section in terms of innovations and price: smart navigation.
  3. Each one with its advantages and disadvantages, both systems solve navigation moderately well and quickly. Although how to clear space is also has a significant impact on the result. And if you have smart navigation, you probably have two beneficial features.
  4. The first is room cleaning, and the second is the multi-map mode.

Practical case:

  • I usually vacuum the whole house in the morning, but after cooking, eating in the dining room or ironing.
  • I like to send the robot vacuum cleaner to clean the kitchen, dining room, or bathroom—respectively, something that I can do comfortably as a result of cleaning rooms.
  • And if you had a house with several floors, it is interesting that this can be doing on the floor you are on.
  • Hand in hand with navigation goes autonomy. And it is that unless we have a mansion, with a robot vacuum cleaner with intelligent navigation, we will not need significant freedom to clean the house, although it never hurts.
  • Thus, we are going to find models from 75 minutes to 240 minutes. Of course, if the navigation is random and your house has a complicated architecture, it may happen that your pepper robot write for us t vacuum cleaner sticks for two hours cleaning the house, passing several times through some places.

How comfortable is the connectivity

  1. Unless technology is not your thing as is the case with my parents.  Who seek to complicate the least a vacuum cleaner has connectivity is genuinely comfortable.
  2. The simplest thing that we are going to find are models of pressing the button, and that’s it. One step higher, those that come with a remote allow us to program them and launch them when we are at home.
  3. But generally, it is interesting to have an app to save us that command and operate it both while at home and away from it both for full and partial cleaning.

And one more step:

  • They are compatible with voice assistants, something that in practice is quite limited to activating it, but which offers the advantage of doing it with the voice.
  • Although the application is a comfortable and effective solution, not all of them work equally.  Well or have a similarly neat interface.
  • In our analysis, you can see significant differences between some models and others. But in general, it is a good idea.

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