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Stream PC to Xbox One – Project from your PC, and More
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Stream PC to Xbox One – Project from your PC, and More

Stream PC to Xbox One

Microsoft allows us to Stream PC to Xbox One games to the console and even use a controller to play them.

The recently updated Wireless Display app will enable us to stream games from Steam and other platforms to Xbox One.

We can even use a controller to remotely control the PC or even use a connected Xbox One to send presentations.

How can you project from your PC to your Xbox One?

  • The Wireless Display app uses Miracast to create a connection between PC and Xbox One. Now we can send the screen to our Xbox One using the usual Win + P command.
  • There are different latency modes to play games or watch videos from a PC, and the app is ideal if we want to project or broadcast a video to Xbox. We will not be able to stream protected content like Netflix.
  • The Wireless Display app has been available for a long time for users who have tried it for months under different names, but it is finally available for Xbox One.
  • This app started its journey on the Surface Hub, and Microsoft activated the support for keyboard, mouse, interaction touch, and stylus support in the same app.
  • Now we also have support for the Xbox controller in this new version. It can be a great way to test Steam titles on Xbox One.
  • Currently, the app does not allow the use of the keyboard and mouse, limiting the ability to play PC games using these peripherals on Xbox One.
  • It could change as Microsoft incorporated support for these peripherals last year in a series of games.
  • For our part, we even considered the possibility of playing PlayStation Now games on Xbox One, curling the curl even more.

How to stream PC games to Xbox One?

To stream Windows 10 games to an Xbox One console using the Wireless Display app, follow these steps:

Important: Know you can stream to an Xbox write for us One console only if your computer includes Miracast provision.

Here Open the Wireless Display page in the Microsoft online store:

  • Click the Get button.
  • Click the Install on my devices button.
  • Check to install the application on your Xbox One console.
  • Click the Install Now button.
  • Click the Okay button.
  • Introduction the Wireless Display app on your Xbox One console.

Scheduled your PC, use the Windows Key + P keyboard crosscut to bring up the ‘Project’ side menu:

  • Click the Connect to wireless display option.
  • Click on the Xbox One option.

When you complete the steps, your PC screen should start to project to your Xbox One console.

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