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What is Technology? – Definition, Types, Features, and More
Information Technology

What is Technology? – Definition, Types, Features, and More

Technology Definition

Technology is extant in almost all areas of modern life, and we live with it daily, just by opening a magazine.

It is a considerable diversity of the industrial world every day.

We find terminologies or new concepts that applied to our work. Many of these new terminologies link to “Technology.”

A Web page or turning on the television, we are attacked by a mass of information about “cutting edge technologies.”

What is the Importance of Technology?

  1. The discoveries and the appearance of new tools produced through Technology were vital to human and societal development.
  2. It brings excellent discoveries that make it possible to improve production, save time, increase the quality of life, get to know the planet.
  3. Technology emerged as a need for man to meet individual and collective desires using scientific knowledge and techniques to solve problems and satisfy their needs.
  4. It has allowed the human being to know in depth the environment that surrounds him and to modify it to achieve his ends.
  5. It has brought discoveries in the field of medicine, advances in access to information, communication, and transportation, in the simplification of tasks.

What are the types of Technology?

Technology can be classified in different ways, depending on the characteristics that have also occupy into account.

Hard Technology

  • They use elements of the hard sciences such as engineering, mechanics, mathematics, physics, chemistry.
  • And also, The product obtained is visible and tangible; that is, it is the production of material goods. For the sample, the development of a mobile device.

Soft Technology

  • It is based on the humanistic or soft sciences, such as sociology, psychology, economics.
  • In general, they are used to improve processes and achieve greater efficiency in institutions or companies.
  • The product obtained is neither visible nor tangible since it consists of the development of services, strategies, theories. For the sample, the development of software.

Fixed Technology

  • They are technology write for us design and produced for a single purpose. For example, rat poison is used only for the elimination of said animal.
  • And also, They are used for the production of a particular product or in a specific area.

What are the features of Technology?

  1. It is present in all areas of personal life and society, such as work, education, medicine, communication.
  2. It allows the manufacture of new objects through it. The human being modifies the environment that surrounds.
  3. And also, It is responsible for most of man’s discoveries.
  4. It improves the quality of life of the human being, poorly used; This can cause severe damage to individuals and society.
  5. It is subject to change (technological changes occur discontinuously).
  6. And also, It developments involve cultural, labor, and social changes.
  7. Uneven technological development can generate social and economic gaps within a community or between regions or nations.


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