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How Long does Tesla Battery Life Last? – Tesla Guarantees 70% Capacity, and More
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How Long does Tesla Battery Life Last? – Tesla Guarantees 70% Capacity, and More

Tesla Battery Life

One of the main influences against electric cars (like Tesla’s ) is usually a criticism of the tesla battery life durability.

However, new data provide new evidence for this theory, which has just been completely overthrowing since they lose autonomy as time goes by.

Tesla car batteries last longer than previously thought

  • The explosion cars currently lose efficiency (and therefore autonomy with a filling) and power over time. However, it is only lost in independence in electric vehicles, much less than was estimated, and maintains control.
  • It has been demonstrated by a group of Tesla owners in Europe, with data published in Electrek.

Tesla batteries last longer than expected: 90% capacity after 260,000 km


  • tesla battery life
  • Specifically, the data provides enormous reassurance to owners of Tesla cars and electric cars in general. And also, we can see from the chart. The batteries have a degradation of 5% after 80,000 kilometers.
  • Furthermore, after 260,000 kilometers traveled, the autonomy is still above 90%, and only once the 290,000 kilometers are exceeded does it drop below 90%. Despite this, there are still a few Tesla cars that have surpassed that number (probably taxis).
  • The data includes the autonomy of 350 Tesla cars owned by countries such as Belgium or the Netherlands. The data shows that Tesla also has excellent quality control when it comes to batteries. The information dispersion is very low, except for some specific cases where customers claim to have less than 80% after only 25,000 kilometers.

Tesla guarantees 70% capacity in Model 3

  1. The data does not collect information on what type of cargo the owners have been using. Superchargers’ fast charging supposedly damages the battery more than a slow charge like we can do at home for a whole night, which would explain some low durability data. Another tip to make the battery last longer is to charge it up to 80% and discharge it only up to 20%.
  2. It also applies to cell phone batteries. Although some people miss the removable batteries (among which I include myself), the truth is that after two years of use and daily charges, the durability is barely reduced by less than 10%.
  3. The Tesla Model 3 has improved the battery system, including a new cell design and a modern architecture that is more compact, safer, and with more excellent durability. So much so that the company introduced.
  4. A warranty program that ensured that the battery would retain at least 70% of its original capacity. It does not apply to the Model S and Model X, which have a different design.
  5. Others, like the Nissan Leaf, lose around 20% in the first five years. We’ll see if other manufacturers can catch up to Tesla in durability.

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