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What is Tesla Truck? – Definition, Beginning, Types, and More
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What is Tesla Truck? – Definition, Beginning, Types, and More

Tesla Truck Definition

Tesla is famous for many things, but not all of them are good. Specifically, one of the manufacturer’s significant failures is its apparent inability to meet its deadlines.

In other words, we have to add two or three years to the date Elon Musk gives in the presentations.

It’s a real problem, which can give you a lot of headaches when the rest of the industry catches up and starts producing electric cars.
Tesla is indeed working on solving this, mainly with the opening of new “giga-factories” in various parts of the world.

Not long ago, the one in China opened, and this same year, the one in Berlin will open. Still, delays are inevitable on many of its flagship products, like the Tesla Semi.

Tesla Truck Beginning

  • The Tesla truck was arranging for the end of 2019, or at least that was the date that gave in his presentation three years ago. But previously, at the beginning of last year.
  • It was evident that this forecast was not going to be fulfilling since Tesla  truck had not yet finished with the necessary tests.
  • Now, an email sent to customers who have reserved the Tesla Semi.  Has confirmed that we won’t have to wait much longer to see it on the roads.
  • The letter, signed by Jerome Guillen, president and head of the division dedicated to the Tesla Semi, states that production will begin in the second half of 2020.
  • However, initially, the production will be in “limited volume,” that is, few units will be manufacturing. Being a truck designed for large trailers, the Semi is entirely different from what Tesla has produced so far, and these first units will be the “guinea pigs.”

The cab of the Tesla Truck Semi

  1. The Tesla Semi has already undergone many tests on public roads, possibly also testing the Autopilot, an aid that solid-state drives write for us .of these commercial vehicles, who often spend long hours on the road, will appreciate.
  2. Guillen says they have tried these trucks on rough and bumpy roads to make sure they are tough.
  3. Customers who booked the Semi have already paid $ 5,000 to $ 20,000, but if Tesla delivers on promises when it comes to range and fuel economy, it may well be worth it in the long run.
  4. The Semi is grounding on the same engines that the Model 3 uses, but with four instead of two, and with different batteries that will allow a range of between 480 and 800 kilometers on one charge.
  5. Although Musk claimed that those figures were intending with old batteries and that with the latest advances they can improve.
  6. The statement expresses progress work and the start of operations in a limited way in the second half of 2020, keeping the first deliveries for 2021 even though the delays due to the coronavirus have already been proclaiming.
  7. The battery and powertrain for this truck model will be industrial at the Nevada Gigafactory, and the rest of the components will be composing in other states.

The health crisis has hampered Tesla’s electric truck

  • productionIt was at the Fremont facility where the company planned to begin manufacturing the Tesla Semi electric truck.
  • The fact is that the health crisis caused by the coronavirus delayed production and, therefore, the delivery time that they had initially estimated.
  • The statement from the CEO of Tesla recalls that production until now had been minimal, which, according to Musk, has allowed them to improve many aspects of the design of the electric truck.
  • The Tesla Semi refers to the two test prototypes that have been seeing circulating on public roads. According to one of its clients, the first six units can be carrying before July.

What are the types of Tesla Truck?

  1. The statement reveals the enormous emotion they have with Jerome Guillén, Tesla’s president of Automotive and director of the Tesla Semi program since 2016.
  2. The company’s CEO said that “Jerome and I are very excited to be working with you to bring this fantastic product to market.
  3. On the other hand, Musk commented that the latest improvements made to the Tesla Semi.
  4. Electric truck allow it to reach an autonomy that touches 960 kilometers for the most expensive version.  Whose sale price will handle approximately 180,000 dollars.
  5. Tesla expects to reach a production figure of 100,000 electric trucks a year.  However, that goal still seems a bit distant, since the company’s priorities are focused.  On the arrival of the new Model Y and the development of the Cyber track.
  6. Projects such as this electric truck represent a revolution.  Since we can see that reducing the impact of production on the environment can be carried out from different points of society.

Tesla installed its gigafactory in Shanghai in record time

  • The closure of the Freemont facility due to the coronavirus.  Where Tesla planned to build the truck, may also have influenced the company’s decision to delay deliveries of the car.
  • In the memo by mail to his workers, Musk says that until now, production had been minimal.  Which has allowed us to improve many aspects of the design.
  • According to the mail sent to its workers. The battery and powertrain production for the Tesla Semi will take place at the Nevada Gigafactory. Likely in a new building opened by Tesla next to the main facility.

The new electric truck bet presented by tesla

  • Musk has assured that the latest improvements that the Tesla Semi has received.  Will allow it to reach autonomies close to 960 kilometers.  For the most expensive version, whose acquisition price will be approximately US $ 180,000.
  • A version with less independence, about 480 kilometers, can be purchased for the US $ 150,000.
  • Tesla wants to reach a production figure of 100,000 electric trucks a year. However, that goal is still far from being realized, primarily since the priorities now focus. On the arrival of the new Model Y and the development of the Cyber track.

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