Google ads are a fantastic tool for increasing the marketing of your product but it requires constant analysis and monitoring. If it is monitored properly evaluation and optimisation will be done to check the progress of your product or brand. The marketing agency works to optimize these ads and campaigns through various metrics that will help them to manage whether the Google ads are worth their investment. uses the metrics that are bringing profit to the brand. Here are some metrics that are important to track the overall revenue and the benefit of the campaign.


It is an important measure because it will show how many times your ad has been displayed on the search result pages. It will help you to track whether the search result or matching with the keyword and other phrases you are incorporating for the search queries. The ad where the people will give you any impression of conversation and you are getting track your campaigning goal. It will help you to lead a campaign that will show the right impression on your customer with the ad or slogan.

Click through rate

In order to calculate the rate you need to use a quality keyword and its positioning. It will help you to realize the effectiveness of the campaign. If your campaign is communicating properly with potential customers and searching for an audience. It will help you to determine its effectiveness and if CTR is high then it is a clear indication of appropriate text and keyword targeting to your right audience. If it is low it will show a disconnection between your campaign and your audience.

Cost of the campaign

Money is an important thing you should consider while evaluating the performance of Google ads. An important and informed search ad budget will help you to take advantage instead of wasting money. The high cost of these ads is not worth the profit, instead, it is a waste of money.

Conversion of customer

The clicking and customer conversion is a different things. When a person clicks on your ad and it is taking a desired action like signing up or visiting your web page. Count as a conversion while clicking and exiting through the web page is not an appropriate sign of the success of your ad. It will help you to understand how many people are turning into your customer from the audience and how this platform is driving business. It will help you to calculate the right return on investment.

Return of advertisement spend

When you calculate various mattresses for evaluating the success of a campaign this cannot be overlooked. Return of advertising spent is calculated by dividing the money spent on the campaign and the sales get in return for this campaign.


Every metric is important to keep track of your money and the performance of the ad campaign. These small terms are required to keep in mind when you start working with your ad and marketing strategies.