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Top 10 Appreciation Ideas to Boost Employee Recognition
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Top 10 Appreciation Ideas to Boost Employee Recognition

During the challenging year, we have learned so much about the positive impact that the fun & easy employee recognition will have on employee motivation & team morale.

If you are looking to retain the best performers in your company, make sure you build a strong workplace culture and where employee recognition will be a daily norm. In today’s guide, we will offer some basics of employee rewards & recognition and ways to support the culture that retains and engages employees with plaques engraved. Now you know how important employee recognition and rewards are, so get inspiration from the creative reward ideas.

1.Consider reward points

You can create a point-based reward for the ongoing recognition by giving them plaques engraved. Employees can be awarded points whenever they do any good job. Also, allow your employees to redeem the points for any gifts or vouchers. You can offer various rewards for your employees to choose from.

2.Use points-based rewards 

The point system is yet another best method to show you value that your employees as a different and unique person by allowing them to choose rewards that really matter. Consolidating points in one single system allows the employees to accumulate the significant balance that builds excitement as these points accrue. When it is ready, employees will redeem the points for the reward that they want, instead of receiving generic mug awards they do not know what they can do with. The employees can connect the meaningful rewards to the personal contributions & value their company.

3.Handwritten birthdays cards & milestones

In today’s ultra-digital era, personal touches will go a very long way. You can consider sending out handwritten notes to your co-workers or celebrate their birthdays, or work milestones. Another important is you can include one personal computer write for us memory and detail, instead of generic “happy birthday.”

4.Emphasize leaders should practice recognition

The recognition from leadership increases employee morale & encourages positive behavior just by setting a great example. Around 58% of the employees say that their manager relationship will improve with recognition, however, 30% of the respondents feel that recognition was “not” valued by the leadership. Recognition from the leadership above supervisor levels matters more: around 44% of the employees value their recognition from the higher levels of the leadership.

5.Highlight employees on the social media

Consider giving an employee shout-out over LinkedIn and interviews in the company blog. Social media is shareable that helps to spread the word about the company & the great work that you are doing.

6.Survey employees for getting the most valuable feedback over recognition

There is often a disconnect between how the leadership views the organization’s recognition initiatives & the perspective of the employees — whereas 67% of the managers think that they’re much better than average in recognizing the employees, just 23% of the employees agree. To make sure you are recognizing the employees in many different ways that they find meaningful, and you have to get honest feedback.

7.Take them out for lunch 

Suppose your employee is not one for public recognition, you must opt for the private lunch with only two of you. This can foster meaningful conversation & give you some quiet space where you can share personally how much you value their hard work.

8.Company swag 

You will not believe, but employees like good branded mug, notebook or hoodie, not just those are some practical gifts, but also they are the best way you can show off your pride on where you work.

9.Stay specific in the recognition

You can build out the employee reward ideas with some specific recognition. Just like hearing “good job!” is less effective than “Excellent job leading the meeting. I can tell everybody was engaged as you took a little time to hear it out.” Get some more tips if you are looking to give out recognition.

10.Offer surprise day off

No matter whether your employee uses this to sleep, or go for a hike, everyone likes to have some free time. Rewarding the job well done by giving a surprise day off will be meaningful to your employee.

Final Words

Employee recognition is a flexible and wonderful tool that must be practiced in all companies. No matter whether you are looking to launch the full program or want to find ways to appreciate and say “thank you”.

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