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Top JavaScript and Node.js Web Scraping Libraries

Top JavaScript and Node.js Web Scraping Libraries

JavaScript is the dominant programming language supported by the majority of today’s web browsers. It works with CSS and HTML to add structure, style, and interactivity to web pages. JavaScript is deployed both on the back-end and front-end of websites, and since the language is standardized, new versions continually improve the system.

On the other hand, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment suitable for developing responsive and scalable data-intensive real-time apps. It works with the document object model to support smooth user interactions. It utilizes an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model, making it lightweight.

Web Scraping Libraries Available on Node.js and JavaScript

Node.js-powered applications are written in JavaScript. We can deploy them on most operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

JavaScript has a variety of libraries and frameworks relevant to web scraping applications. The programming language supports these add-ons to boost the functionality of applications. Data analysts, engineers, and scientists need these libraries to write web scrapers in Node.js and JavaScript.


Cheerio is an excellent package for parsing and extracting elements from a markup. The parser does not load external resources, apply CSS, execute JavaScript code, or create visual rendering, making it a good solution for efficient and fast data gathering from web pages.

Cheerio has a jQuery-like syntax that supports the interpretation and analysis of web pages. jQuery is JavaScript’s most used library in today’s world. It’s often utilized in browser-oriented JavaScript apps to manipulate the DOM, especially during data scraping.


Puppeteer is one of the most productive and reliable Node.js libraries with tremendous community support. Its API is friendly and practical, allowing the user control over Chromium and Google Chrome browsers.

The Puppeteer library simplifies the automation of web activities while supporting resourceful web scraping. It supports Chromium, a codebase used in many browsers (including Chrome, Edge, and Opera), so you can scrape data from different browsers. The best thing about Puppeteer is its non-headless mode.


Osmosis is an XML/HTML parser and a robust web scraper written in Node.js and packaged with a lightweight HTTP wrapper and css3/XPath selector. This Node.js library logs errors, URLs, and redirects and can effectively search and load AJAX content. Osmosis library packs a range of custom cookies, user agents, and headers and supports basic authentication, form submission, and session cookies.

Support for multiple and single proxies and the capacity to handle proxy failure make it an excellent web scraping library for pulling huge amounts of data from different websites. When writing a web scraping script with Osmosis in Node.js.

Apify SDK

Apify SDK is one of the best open-source Node.js libraries for web crawling and scraping. It’s a tool experienced and amateur developers find helpful when developing data extractors, web crawlers, and scrapers and automating them to gather information from different online resources.

Apify SDK offers the tools you need to effectively and automatically manage and scale headless Puppeteer and Chrome instances. That way, it’s possible to scrape websites and easily store the extracted data in cloud storage systems or local file systems.

The Node.js library supports crawling content-packed websites through a queue of URLs. You can even run a scraping code on hundreds of CSV-file-based URLs without risking data loss if your code crashes. With Apify SDK, you can even disable the fingerprinting protections used by websites to block data scraping activities, which gives you more control over what and where you do your data scraping. Make sure to run your scraper with rotating proxies to mimic actual user queries and prevent blocking mechanisms from limiting your tasks.


Data is like the bloodline of your business, and it’s widely available on the internet. However, you must tap and filter it to separate the valuable elements from the unusable ones. Data scraping scripts are the most reliable tools businesses use to conduct data extraction and analytic activities. Most data scraping apps are written in programming languages like Python and JavaScript. Today’s article has outlined the key benefits of JavaScript and Node.js for web scraping and the supported libraries that make your data-gathering venture a fruitful one.

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