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Which Iphone Should I Get? – Definition, Current Device, Budget, and More
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Which Iphone Should I Get? – Definition, Current Device, Budget, and More

Which IPhone Should I Get Definition

The iPhone catalog that Apple offered in 2019 is broader than it has ever been before. Choosing a Currently in the Apple Store, we have seven different iPhones, which should be adding the X, still available in many stores, and the more veteran SE and 6s.

And also, the perfect iPhone model, it is essential to know what your current device is and what other tools you have, how much budget you have, and what functions are the most important to you.

iPhone Buying Guide in 2019

  • which iPhone should i get for each type of user, we will answer these questions that we have raised so that you can find the best iPhone.
  • It is best to review all the news and the differences between the new 11 to choose your perfect iPhone better.
  • We have also compared the new 11 with the XR and the 11 Pro with the X to assess which of the two is more worthwhile and if you should update.

What is your current device?

  1. Your current smartphone is essential when buying a new iPhone. It is not the same to have an 5 than a 6s, as it is not the same to have an Android mid-range or a high-end.
  2. You may already have an 7 or a high-end Android smartphone from a few years ago, and in this case, everything changes.
  3. If you take an 8 or X, the options are reducing to this year’s iPhone. Your device will work flawlessly, but if you want to upgrade to have the latest from Apple, you should buy an XS or XS Max.

What is your budget?

Without a doubt, it is probably the most important thing when choosing a new iPhone or any other device. Our budget will make us opt for one option or another.

We must bear in mind that we can sell our old smartphone on our part or take it to the Apple Store to obtain a special discount.

The budget of 600 euros

  • If you have 600 euros to invest in a new iPhone, you have two main options, the 7 and the 8. The 7 is closer to the barrier of 500 euros, and the 8 can be found in offers around this budget, although its official price is somewhat higher. In extreme options, you can get an 6s or SE if your account is limited.

The budget of 800 euros

  • With 800 euros, you can already access one of the new generation iPhone, all screen and with Face ID. Prowling this budget has two clear choices, the iPhone and X XR.

More than 1,000 euros

  • If you do not have a budget limit, both the XS and the XS Max are your options. These are two similar devices in specifications where the most apparent difference is the size of the screen.

What functions are essential to you?

  • Current smartphones have many critical functions for individual users, so depending on your preferences, you should opt for one model or another.


  • If the quality of the screen is something definitive and essential, you should choose a model with an OLED panel, that is, an X, XS, or XS Max. If what you like are large screens, any of the Plus, 7 or 8, are an excellent option, although the real winner in terms of screen sizes is the XS Max.


  • If the camera is something important to you, you should choose an iPhone with a dual-lens that will allow you to take much more interesting photos. Depending on the device we have and our budget, we will choose between the 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, or XS.


  • iPhones with a larger screen have the best battery life, so if you want your iPhone to last you all day and more prolonged, your options are reducing to the 7 and 8 Plus and the XS Max. The rest of the iPhones also have good battery life, but these three are excellent.


  • Another exciting option is the design. If you like the iPhone in different colors, the most straightforward option is the XR with its wide range of colors. The rest of the iPhones only have 3 or 4 color options.

I was tallying up which iPhone to buy?

To summarize, these are all current iPhone models and why you should buy one or the other. All of them will be updating to iOS 13, so they are still fully present.

iPhone 7

  • If your budget is not very high and you do not need advanced camera options, the 7 is your device. Powerful, fast, and light. An excellent iPhone that can be grown for less than 500 euros in very reliable stores.

iPhone 7 Plus

  • If you like large screens and a good camera at an affordable price, the best option is the 7 Plus. A 5.5-inch screen, a dual-camera to play with portrait mode, and a battery for the whole day for less than 550 euros.

iPhone 8

  • A superior option to the 7 with a more modern design and some extras such as wireless charging. Excellent opportunity if you have an 6 or earlier, and you still like Touch ID and the classic design of the iPhone write for us.

iPhone 8 Plus

  • The most exciting option if you like the usual design of the iPhone and do not want to do without Touch ID. It is a powerful iPhone with an exceptional camera. Although yes, more expensive than previous models and without the news of the newest.

iPhone X

  • But do not want to spend more than 1,000 euros on a device. If you have an 6s or 7 this is a perfect option without spending so much money. With the X you will have an experience similar to that of the XS for much less.

iPhone XR

  • The most affordable iPhone this year, it has the most powerful processor on the market and a 6.1-inch Retina display. It does not take an OLED screen, but it is available in different colors, and its camera is one of the best on the market, a next-generation device but cheaper than the XS.


iPhone XS

  • The latest of the latest, the best iPhone to date, and the one to choose if you have no problems with the budget. If you take an 7 or an earlier one and can afford it, do not hesitate, it is the best you could buy. Excellent in all aspects, screen, design, or cameras at the height of the best.

iPhone XS Max

  • Just as impressive as the XS dog with a much larger 6.4-inch screen. It is not a size for all users, so it is best to try it before deciding. This larger size also gives it an excellent battery that is hard to beat.

Bonus Track: iPhone SE and iPhone 6s

  1. These two devices can still be gaining in many stores despite their age. However, Apple no longer offers them in the Apple Store officially. They continue to perform well, they will also receive iOS 13, so they still have updates ahead.
  2. However, I would only choose them if your budget is not enough for an 7 or higher. Both the 6s and the SE have been on the market for more than three years, making their price very affordable.
  3. The iPhone SE is an option that only interests you if you have a very contained budget, and you need a 4-inch screen, that is, a tiny device.
  4. The same happens with the 6s and 6s Plus. They are still beneficial devices, for the first iPhone.
  5. These are all the iPhone models that you can buy and our recommendations, there is an iPhone for each type of user, and we hope we have solved your doubts.

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