Originally developed by Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery and currently maintained by Google, AngularJS is a framework used to create mobile, web, and desktop applications. It allows developers to use HTML as the template language and expand HTML’s syntax to represent their application components clearly and concisely. AngularJS offers various features including data-binding, dependency injection, deep linking, templates, services, scope, filters, controller, and routing.

Mastering AngularJS is vital for developers who want to excel in developing web, mobile, and desktop applications. This framework has been widely accepted by organizations due to the outstanding user experience that it gives. With an angular course, developers can learn how AngularJS has evolved over the years.

There are various benefits of pursuing an AngularJS course for your career–

  1. Becoming an expert in AngularJS – By pursuing an AngularJS course, you can learn various essential concepts such as typescript, components, smaller components, modules, templating, form management, services, routing and remote communication, web components, unit testing, debugging as well as dev tooling and bundling. With this, you can truly become a master of AngularJS.
  2. Increase in earning potential – With an AngularJS course, you can boost your earning potential tremendously. According to research in the application development area, the average salary of an Angular developer is around $115,000 per year in the US. You can land your dream job as well as a high salary, by pursuing an AngularJS course.
  3. Better job prospects – The topmost companies in the world such as IBM, Walmart, Microsoft, Infosys, Capgemini, Bosch, Paytm,  and Facebook are hiring professionals who’re certified in AngularJS. Hence, professionals who’ve pursued an Angular course and are certified have better job prospects as compared to those who haven’t pursued any course. They can apply for jobs in some of the top multinational companies all over the world.
  4. Certification – On successfully completing an Angular course, you can earn a certificate, which can make you stand apart from your competitors and give a boost to your resume. You can prove your skills and abilities with the help of this certificate, to potential employers.
  5. Experience – With angular courses, you can work on various projects to build your portfolio and demonstrate your experience in the field. You can also apply your skills to real-world problems. This can showcase that you are familiar with the industry and have skills that are practical and applicable.
  6. Suitable for all – Anyone can take a course in Angular. There aren’t prerequisites for this course. It is ideal for IT professionals, web application programmers, and software developers. Software architects and testing professionals can also pursue an Angular course. Overall, any professional who aspires to begin their career in web development can pursue this course.
  7. Career progression – By pursuing an Angular course, freshers can kickstart their web development careers. Working professionals can also pursue this course to upgrade themselves and showcase to their employers that they are up-to-date with the latest advancements in the industry. With this, they can also get promoted and get an opportunity to work on better projects.

Hence, it is important to pursue an Angular course for those who are looking to excel in the field of web development. Professionals can acquire the skills necessary to master web development and start their dream career journey. Also, now-a-days there are many companies offering Construction project management services.