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Youtube TV on FireStick – Method 1 (Primary), Method 2, and More
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Youtube TV on FireStick – Method 1 (Primary), Method 2, and More

YouTube TV on FireStick

In this object, we will study to install the official YouTube and Youtube TV on FireStick. The connection method works on all Fire TV.

Line of devices, including Fire Stick 4K and Fire TV Cube.

How to Install YouTube TV on FireStick?

The YouTube TV is the Live TV segment of YouTube. It offers access to a range of cable channels, including ESPN, Fox, CBS, and many more.

The authorized arrival of YouTube TV on FireStick had been long-awaited.

Lastly, the wait is over, and YouTube TV is now an authorized app on the Amazon Store.

I will revenue you through the steps to install the official YouTube TV app on FireStick from the Amazon Store (Method 1 below).

Simultaneously, I have also provided alternative methods to get this app (Method 2 and Method 3).

If you can install the YouTube TV FireStick app from the Amazon Store, there is no need to nofollow the alternative methods.

Method 1 (Primary): Connect YouTube TV on FireStick officially from Amazon Store:

  • The YouTube TV is now formally obtainable on FireStick, and you can download it from the Amazon Store if you are existing in the United States.
  • Live TV streaming finished the YouTube TV app is not supported outside the US.
  • If you poverty to access YouTube TV outside the US, refer to the next section (Method 2)..
  • Now are the steps to download YouTube TV on Fire TV from Amazon Store:
  • After the home screen of the FireStick/Fire TV, open the Search option..
  • Circumnavigate to the top-left corner and select the lens icon.
  • Look up YouTube TV by typing in the name of the app.
  • Tick YouTube TV when it is displayed in the search results.
  • Choice the YouTube TV icon on the next window.
  • Now, click Get if this is the primary time you are downloading YouTube TV on your FireStick.
  • If you have downloaded and connected the app before, click the Download option (which you will see in place of getting).
  • Wait though the YouTube TV app is downloaded.
  • Tick Open and run the app.
  • You whitethorn also access the YouTube TV FireStick app later from the Your Apps & Channels section.
  • Sign In by your YouTube TV account if you have one.
  • Tick Try It Free if you poverty to sign up for the facilities.

Method 2: Install third-party Living YouTube TV app on FireStick:

If you poverty to download YouTube TV FireStick app outside the US, you can get this third-party APK.

If you previously have a YouTube TV subscription, you can use this app outdoor the US with a VPN.

Toward subscribe to YouTube TV services, you will still need a US-issued Credit/Debit card or a Paypal account with the US profile.

Now is how you install and use YouTube TV on FireStick:

  • Admission the FireStick Settings from the home screen.
  • Locations option is in the menu bar on the top.
  • Now, choice and open the option My Fire TV on the nofollowing screen.
  • Once you see this window, click Developer Options.
  • Here, you need to checkered if Apps from Unknown Sources is ON.
  • If it is now OFF, click it one time to turn it ON.
  • Click Turn On to let the Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Go spinal to the home screen of your FireStick.
  • Choice the Search option in the top-left corner of the home screen (select the lens icon).
  • Go fast and look-up up the app called Downloader.
  • Tick this app when it shows up in the hunt results.
  • However, nofollow the onscreen instructions and install Downloader.
  • Also, Open the Downloader app.
  • If any stimuli are displayed, get rid of them.
  • Tick the Home tab in the left menu.
  • Tick the textbox with https:// on the right.
  • Enter the nofollowing URL when this pop-fly onscreen keypad is displayed:
  • OR ELSE you can also use the shorter version of the URL
    Click GO
  • Delay for the YouTube TV APK to download.
  • Click Install when this prompt is showed after the YouTube TV APK write for us has downloaded.
  • Once the YouTube TV app is installing, you could click OPEN and get started.
  • I say we tick DONE right now and delete the YouTube TV APK file. We will admission the app later.
  • If you snapped DONE above, click Delete on this prompt.
  • Also, Click the Delete option one more time.
  • Now, exit the Downloader app and go backbone to the home screen of your FireStick.
  • Also, Choice the second row on the home screen titled Your Apps & Channels.
  • Energy to the left and click See All.
  • Circumnavigate to the last row on this list of apps.
  • Tick YouTube TV app (displays ‘Live’ in the logo).
  • And also, If you rather have the app moved to the home screen of FireStick for quick and easy access.
  • Media the menu button on your Amazon Fire TV remote (the button that has 3 lines).
  • Tick Move in the popup window on your TV (bottom-right corner). Change and place the app in the first row on the top.
  • Select the desired resolve on the nofollowing screen.
  • I remain going with the evasion 1080p.
  • Also, Click Allow when this prompt is showing.
  • However, Click Sign In to your YouTube TV account.
  • On the next window, you determination see an activation code.
  • As per the orders on your TV screen, go to on your computer or mobile.
  • Symbol in to your Google Account on which you have the YouTube TV subscription.
  • Arrive the code on the FireStick shade fashionable the browsers.

Method 3: Admission YouTube TV via a FireSick browser:

Here might also use the Silk Browser to access YouTube TV on FireStick. This browser comes preinstalled with FireStick.

In circumstance you uninstalled it, here is how you download the browser and tune in to YouTube TV:

  • After the FireStick home-screen select Search (lens icon) on the top-left corner
  • Sort in ‘Silk Browser’ (without quotes)
  • Tick ‘Silk Browser’ in the search results
  • Tick the ‘Silk Browser’ icon on the next window
  • Click the ‘Download’ button to transfer and install the app
  • Open the Silk Browser and entree

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