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Annihilation Ending – What does the end of ‘Annihilation’ mean?
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Annihilation Ending – What does the end of ‘Annihilation’ mean?

Annihilation Ending

Beyond the eternal debates about whether the enthusiastic reception of Alex Garland’s latest work has been fair in Annihilation ending.

On the contrary, excessive, ‘Annihilation’ is a film that has not left anyone indifferent.

Polarizing opinions that range from samples from more unconditional love – to which I join without hesitation – to cries to heaven that add the buzzword: “overrated.”

What does the end of ‘Annihilation’ mean?

  • Regardless of all this, and the philias and phobias that each one projects on their film assessment.
  • Where much of the respectable agrees is in pointing to an ambiguous ending.
  • Far from closing its plot and providing clear and concise answers, it leaves in the air a good handful of unknowns for the spectator’s free interpretation.

What the heck is the glow? What happens at the lighthouse during the climax of the movie? Does Lena manage to escape from Area X, or is it her copy that is being interrogated?

  • To shed some light on all this, we bring you this video to reel and explain the end of ‘Annihilation.’

What have you taken from the end of the film? Which Lena do you think survived the lighthouse incident?

  • Do not hesitate to contribute your opinion to extend the debate in the comments.
  • Because with ‘Annihilation’ there is a discussion for a long time. And that, from my point of view.
  • It only confirms that we are facing one of the most relevant works of contemporary science fiction.

God the scientist:

  • Annihilation’s reflection on cell renewal, on the impossible immortality of man.
  • On God as a scientific experimenter. Whose will be embodying in our genetic coding is the science fiction heart of the entire film.
  • This is where the plot takes place, and this is where we find one of the interpretive keys to understanding its mysterious ending.
  • Director Alex Garland explained that this tape was made to be seeing on several occasions in different interviews.
  • And that’s precisely what Annihilation is a puzzle (re) constructed from the end to the beginning.
  • That is why Annihilation demands that you pay attention to the small details; details such as the protagonists’ skin.
  • Before entering the Shimmer, Kane’s character (Oscar Isaac) has a tattoo on his chest.
  • The shape (which is a bear) twists in a spiral around his heart. And when he leaves the Shimmer, he has a new tattoo.
  • A tattoo that we also see appears on Lena’s arm, on the soldier who has moving guts, and on Anya Thorensen (Gina Rodriguez).
  • This tattoo is another suggestive form, along with the spiral. Of death as the beginning and of life as an eternal renewal.
  • A serpent intakes its tail in an eternally renewed figure that forms the symbol of infinity.
  • The Ouroboros as a figure that signifies life and death, eternal renewal, a snake that needs to feed on itself (that is, self-destruct) to live. A snake that, like our cells, is autophagic.

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