Bluetooth Headphones Definition

The headphone industry is extensive, but there is a rapidly growing industry like Bluetooth headsets.

And also, all phones have a Bluetooth connection more or less in good condition.

To which we must add other devices such as tablets, laptops, or even desktop computers. Which a Bluetooth adapter has been purchasing or have it combining into the motherboard.

The main reason you buy Bluetooth headphones is for convenience, although you have to accept the relating problems.

Eliminating the cable gives freedom of movement, but in exchange, they believe headphones that, because of how the sound compression of the Bluetooth protocol works, quality is drop.

Most home users are glance for a better sound turn to headphones that use a radio connection with a base that includes wireless headphones, but those who want Bluetooth is usually also to use them outside the home comfortably with, for example, your phone.

What kind of Bluetooth headphones to choose?

  1. Bluetooth headphones are sold in the usual formats, though there is one that is specific to them, owing to their size, such as earpieces.
  2. Two small earbuds are providing that are insert into the ear as earbuds but are not connecting to each other, and each has its Bluetooth connection to the pairing device.
  3. These models can be lost more easily, in addition to their autonomy is much less.
  4. The neck ones, which are generally also button-type with a cable or concrete structure that joins both headphones behind the neck, are more difficult to lose, and some models have a clip to avoid any confusion with them.
  5. They are also more comfortable for those who do sports with them as they tend to hold on better and do not end up on the ground in the event of sudden or unforeseen movements.
  6. They have a bit more autonomy than earpieces.

About Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a point-to-point wireless connectivity standard, or point-to-multipoint in its latest versions, that allows you to create personal wireless networks easily.

It works on the 2.4 GHz incidence and enables the transmission of a limited amount of information, which causes certain inconveniences such as wireless sound transmission technology.

These Bluetooth headsets can have one or more user profiles that determine the type of information they can exchange with the device with which they are pairing.

A2DP (advanced audio distribution) :

  • It is the one that determines how the audio information is directing between devices, in a unidirectional way, and with two stereo channels.

AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control):

  • This profile enables the device to control the audio it is received from the paired device work A2DP.
  • Turn on the version implemented, generally 1.6 in recent models.
  • You can control playback, pause, stop, get metadata of the song being played, or even the album cover.

HSP (Headset Profile) :

  • They are used for hands-free capabilities. It is limited to single-channel sound re transmission.
  • Only one profile can be secondhand at a time, which is a limitation in potentially have high-quality audio on calls.

Bluetooth audio codecs

The signal sent to the Bluetooth speakers is compressing before being sent to the limited bandwidth of this wireless protocol.

Although at first Bluetooth sound including noise and low quality. New audio codecs have appearing over the years to compress music and conversations with less loss.

SBC (subband encoding):

  • It is the default codec for A2DP and that all devices must understand, with a maximum rate of 328 kbps.
  • Sampling at 44.1 kHz, so the signal is high compressing and ends up have low audio quality.


  • It is a proprietary Qualcomm codec that enables higher quality audio on Bluetooth devices.
  • It has multiple versions for different uses, such as low latency for games and applications in real-time, or lossless audio.
  • The latter is standard, and it does so at 16 bits and 44.1 kHz – CD quality -, occuping a greater transmission bandwidth.

aptX HD:

  • It is a version of aptX that enables 24-bit 48 kHz sound reproduction over Bluetooth.

AAC (advanced audio coding):

  • It is an audio format used mainly outside the scope of wireless technologies.
  • And also, it is used by Apple devices, although more products from other companies have start using it for compatibility with iPhones.
  • The AAC format is implemented in multiple codecs and  designed to maintain high audio quality, although the usual problems of send over a Bluetooth connection remain.

Economic models

  1. It is normal to want to spend little on Bluetooth headphones, look so much at price this sector has its problems.
  2. On the one hand, the balance between Bluetooth connectivity cost, design, and sound quality.
  3. when on a tight budget means a couple of these are going to be under.
  4. Buy a 20-euro Bluetooth headset will almost certainly have mediocre sound quality, a standard design. And Bluetooth connectivity that is not as stable as one would like, also affected the sound quality.
  5. But even so, there are decent inexpensive products that may be of interest to many users.
  6. Even if only some cases to use them to speak and the sound quality is not essential that is perfect.
  7. As long as it is correct, for the price they have, it is usually more than enough.
  8. And also, these earpieces are kindly low-priced , sweat proof, and use Bluetooth 5.0 to pair with devices.
  9. They have autonomy for about four hours of use, and the recharged box provides another 30 hours. They have a microphone for calls.

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