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Best Budget Headphones – Design and Quality, Sound, Conclusion, and More
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Best Budget Headphones – Design and Quality, Sound, Conclusion, and More

Best Budget Headphones

The saying goes: “sometimes budget is expensive.” And you’ve undoubtedly had bad experiences with best budget headphones in the past.

But it’s not always like this. There are also excellent and budget music headphones with quality and durability quite acceptable if you know how to search.

And for that, we are here. Until recently, cheaper hearing aids produced terrible sound and were shattering on the eyes. But we are going to tell you a secret. It has changed. Now, some brands are releasing budget music headphones.

You have to know how to find them. You can find cheap headphones that do not produce distortion and that give excellent sound quality. They are headphones for less than 100 euros with the best value for money on the market.

Best Budget HIFI Headphones: Grade Prestige Series SR60e

  1. Excellent sound quality, great value for money.
  2. Poor sound insulation, not very portable.
  3. Technical characteristics:
  4. Headphone Type: Over-ear / Open
  5. Weight: 222 g.
  6. Impedance: 32 Ω.
  7. Sensitivity : 99.8 dB.
  8. Frequency response: 20 – 20000 Hz.

They are very affordable HIFI headphones. Grado Labs is a trendy brand among music lovers. Since 1953 they have launched products with a level of detail and excellent sound quality.

They make high definition headphones that exceed 1000 euros. However, the Grade Prestige Series SR60e is a very economical option from this brand. And the best budget of all is that they sound like movies.

Design and quality:

  • The Grade Prestige Series SR60e presents a unique design, very different from modern helmets. They have a vintage vibe that gives us a lot, making them look like studio headphones from the 70s. They are open-back or open helmets: each cup is partially free and covered with a mesh that allows you to see the internal components.
  • Although they are not made of Kevlar or carbon fiber, like the best Hi-Fi headphones, on the outside, they give the impression of being robust and resistant.
  • They are conniving to listen to music critically, in detail, so if you plan to take them out on the street, you must take care of them. The case of the Grade Prestige Series SR60e comes with a 6.3 mm adapter. The built-in cable of these Hi-Fi headphones is thick and long. It is excellent as it can surely withstand years of use.


  • They are affordable HIFI headphones. When testing these budget headphones from Grado Labs, we noticed powerful bass, but it did not stand out above the other notes, as is often the case with lower quality headphones. The brand usually seeks a perfect sound balance, and these headphones are a good example.
  • The medium tones of the Grado Labs house are recognized, and the Grado Prestige Series SR60e nofollows the same line: they are heard very clear and with remarkable details. The media’s quality, combined with the open design, adds a charming reverb effect when listening to music at home and in a music studio.
  • The high tones are also perceiving as clear and crisp, and we did not notice any distortion when testing them. The sonic spatiality is excellent, something that can be likely from open headphones. The sound of the Grado Prestige Series SR60e is genuinely perfect for such inexpensive headphones.


  • If you sound for good and budget high definition headphones to listen to music in quiet environments, you will not find a better option than the Grado SR60e. It isn’t easy to find better open headphones in this price range.
  • They are not ideal for noisy environments, but they are excellent for enjoying any music genre with exquisite sound quality, especially in quiet places. Have you got long teeth? Find the best prices on Amazon.

Best Budget noise-canceling headphones: Anker Soundcore Life Q20

  1. Active noise cancellation, comfortable, long battery life.
  2. The sound is not the most neutral. The noise cancellation does not compare to that of Bose or Sony.
  3. Technical characteristics:
  4. Headphone Type: Over-ear.
  5. Weight: 259 g.
  6. Battery: 32 hours.
  7. Connectivity: Bluetooth and wired.

Design and quality:

  • The Anker SoundCore Life Q20 is one of the best budget active noise-canceling headphones on the market. They have a modern and simple design that fits very well with any user. And also, they are Over-Ear helmets that fully cover your ears, and the cups rotate slightly to facilitate transportation with the case that comes in the package.
  • They are making hard plastic, and the band is reinforcing with metal. However, they are right and budget headphones, but they are sturdy.
    The padding feels soft to the trace, and they are lightweight. They integrate controls that allow you to answer calls, manage playback, volume, and change songs. They also feature buttons for activating active noise cancellation technology and a bass emphasis function.
  • The Life Q20 works with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. They also integrate an audio port to use them in a wired way.
  • The stability of the wireless connection is stable, and the latency is very low. They are not the best good and budget headphones for gaming, but they are perfect for listening to music or movies. They integrate a microphone with good performance. We tested them by making several calls, and we heard voices.
  • One of the best characteristic features of the budget Anker SOundCore Life Q20 headphones is its battery. It lasts between 30 and 40 hours with noise cancellation on and considerably longer if you deactivate it—a surprising capacity in this price range.


  • The SoundCore Life Q20 offers good quality sound for budget headphones. The midtones have the right presence, while the highs and lows are perceived as emphasized in the mix. The profile is excellent and ideal for listening to contemporary genres like rock or hip-hop.
  • They are not the most neutral helmets, but the sound is pleasant and does not tire.
  • The basses have an excellent response: they feel deep and explosive. For our taste, they sound powerful, but the tonal balance is well achieving.
  • The vowels and instruments are vivid and clear, with useful details. Active noise cancellation considerably reduces ambient noise, although it does not compare to the more expensive models. That said, they are perfect for office use.


  • The Anker Life Q20 is fabulous budget noise canceling headphones. They are comfortable, integrate a high-performance battery, and the wireless connectivity is very stable. The sound is not the most faithful on the market, but they sound great for their price, and they don’t tire.

Best Budget headphones for gamers: Razer Kraken X

  1. A comfortable, good microphone and sound quality, affordable.
  2. They are not wireless.
  3. Technical characteristics:
  4. Headphone Type: Over-ear.
  5. Weight: 250g.
  6. Built-in microphone: Yes
  7. Compatibility: PC / Xbox write for us / PS4 / Wii U / mobile.

Design and quality:

  • Razer is one of the most famous businesses in the gaming world for its headphones and speakers’ quality. Kraken X is one of the brand’s most popular models, and for a good reason. They are proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get quality. However, they are making of plastic, but they feel sturdy and are attractive.
  • They have a simple, minimalist, and classic design. They are black and look elegant. The only embellishments they present are the black logos on both glasses and the company’s signature on the band. They have oval cups that fully cover the ears and integrate a retractable microphone in the left cup.
  • They are very comfortable. It only weighs 250 grams and does not cause pressure on the head. They feature good quality memory foam earing cushions and channels designed for wearers with glasses. The headband on these budget headphones also has soft-touch padding.
  • The Kraken X is used wired and is compatible with any game console, but you can only enjoy 7.1 sound if you connect them to a PC. They integrate controls to manage the volume and mute the microphone. They are functional and straightforward.


  • The audio provided by these budget Kraken headphones is excellent. The sound profile is well balanced, and all frequencies are clear with good detail.
  • The bass feels firm, but the mid and high tones shine through the mix too. They are perfect for playing games, but you can also enjoy your favorite music in excellent quality.
  • This new version X integrates a better microphone and drivers than previous models. The bass doesn’t sound as loud as on other budget DJ headphones, but we love this. The sound, in general, has the excellent quality, and the microphone performs perfectly.
  • They do not distort at any volume level and work with 7.1 surround sound technology that works remarkably, although you can only enjoy virtual surround sound with a PC.


  • The Razer Kraken X is 1 of the best budget gamer headphones you can get on the market. They have a sober and attractive design. They are comfortable, resistant, and integrate a high-performance microphone.
  • The sound is surprising for the price, and they have a very decent 7.1 surround sound system. They are the best option if you need a headset to play and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Find the best prices on Amazon Spain.

Best Budget True Wireless Earphones: Anker Soundcore Life P2

  1. Comfortable, good sound.
  2. Unoriginal design.
  3. Technical characteristics:
  4. Headphone Type: In-Ear.
  5. Weight: 15g.
  6. Built-in microphone: Yes
  7. Battery: 7 hours.

Design and quality:

  • The Anker SoundCore Life P2 are budget True Wireless headphones that offer fantastic sound quality and build. Design-wise, they look almost the same as the Apple AirPods.
  • However, they are much more affordable. The appearance is not original, but it’s quality/price ratio.
  • They are IPX7 certified against water and dust. You can use them under the heaviest rains without problems or take them to the gym.
  • However, they fit well in the ear and are very light. It comes with several different sized silicone pads for the comfort of any user.
  • They have buttons that allow you to change songs and control wireless timing and power. They work with Bluetooth 4.2 technology. The wireless connection is stable, and they automatically sync to the latest audio source.
  • They integrate a battery that lasts about seven hours at medium volumes. Also, they come with a case that provides you several additional charges. In total, you can enjoy them for 40 hours. The point is charging with a USB-C port.


  • These right and budget True Wireless headphones don’t offer the sonic details of the AirPods, but this is understandable since they are so much more affordable.
  • They offer controlled and robust bass, while the mid and high tones maintain the right presence. The specialty is pretty decent, and it’s easy to identify all the instruments in the mix.
  • Another useful feature of these budget headphones is that they integrate four excellent performance microphones.
  • We tested them by making multiple calls in different environments, and the voices always sounded clear. However, they do not have active noise cancellation but create a seal in the ear that passively reduces noise considerably.
  • In general, they offer a sound that can satisfy the majority of users in any environment. They support the aptX codec, something surprising in this price range. This codec allows you to stream high-fidelity formats wirelessly.


  • The P2 True Wireless are budget headphones that offer stable connectivity, excellent battery life, and pretty decent sound quality.
  • They support the aptX codec and are IPX7 certified. They are versatile and provide superior performance for a low price. The quality/price ratio is one of the best on the market. Find the best prices on Amazon Spain.

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